Monday, March 5, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - K-Power! Daihatsu & Suzuki

Now that i've hopefully satisfied some appetites for delicious "image girls", it's time to get back to cars. Unmistakably Japanese, you'd often find these 660cc Kei-cars running around town as they zip in between traffic gaps and dart into small tiny lanes. With these cars enjoying such popularity, it is no surprise there are tons and tons of aftermarket support for the little cars from Japan.

Although most manufacturers in Japan have their own versions of the K-car, Daihatsu and Suzuki are probably the makes that first come into your mind when you think of these little pocket cars. They may be small in size, but sometimes, they can be big on image. Like the Copen from KLC. Slammed, wild camber, and running on oversized wheels you'd think the little 660cc motor will struggle to move.

A different take on the Copen from Grand-Slam, looking a little bit more feminine on the inside.

If the above was a "little" bit feminine, this Copen presented by FEEL was that bit "more" girly.

Am sure these ladies approve.

I honestly have no idea what this is, but it looked good.

Slightly old car and built to a different beat, this Mira from Car Produce A.K.R. looked like it was ready to hit the tracks. It doesn't just look crazy, it was also converted to a RWD platform. Awesome.

As these girls greet you, we now head over to Suzuki!

These guys were pretty cool, showcasing a tricked out Bozo style Kei-pick-up.

You could even buy one of these tattoo-ed dolls. They were surprisingly pricey though.

VIP style were the order of the day for most of the Keis.

Amazing paintwork on this Wagon R.

Some dropping the bling for a little more stealth.

Matt paint/wraps are taking over the dress up world. But these military themed Wagon Rs were built with some cool attention to detail. If you looked closer, you can see the edges of the panels were finished off with some "rust" paint, to give that vintage patina feel. Very nicely done.

These ladies sure like their little truck.

They got a friend to take their pictures. I tagged along.


Their friendly photographer.

And of course at the Suzuki booth, new models were introduced and showgoers were allowed free rein into the cars.

Not a Kei-car but still a Suzuki, this is the all new Swift Sport.

Hopefully these will be as successful as before.

Tuners also brought along their Sports. These little hatches are gaining ground as popular track cars in Japan.

TM Square's earlier Swift Sport.

If you like Jimny's there were plenty on show too.

All tuned.

With some more extreme than others.

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I love very much this car I honestly have no idea what this is, but it looked good.I like this car. It is very compact and flexible. Its color and design is super and attractive.


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