Sunday, January 4, 2015

Goodbye 2014, Goodbye Blogspot.

5 years ago, i set off for my first ever (and i imagined back then, only) automotive centric holiday to Tokyo Japan and upon returned started up this blog with the intention of documenting my holiday and some posts of all the trials and tribulations i encountered with ownership of my E36. Slowly but surely, as i (or rather my mechanic) sorted out more and more issues with the car, i had less to write about.

Eventually, i pretty much stopped writing about my car and instead, focused my attention towards our small local car scene in Singapore and pretty much everything else that i thought was interesting. I'm still very happy whenever someone tells me they visit my little blog as i never really intended for it to have much of a reach since there are so many bigger and more established automotive sites and writers out there. But big thanks to everyone for giving me these little bits of your time.

Now, it seems, is time to close my blogspot account and this bring my 500th post is probably a nice way to end it. But the end of updating this blogspot account does not mean the end of Garage36. Quite the opposite, for a number of reasons, i have decided to migrate over to wordpress and all new write ups will be featured on my new site: . So please do visit my new site when you have the time.

Next stop? Tokyo, Japan..