Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cars & Kopi - Made in August

 photo DSC02905.jpg There have been meets and then, there have been meets. So far, i've been to a few but they were actually held by two different group of enthusiast friends. Bringing these two groups together has been something we've always wanted to do, but commitments and schedules usually clash and getting everyone down together took a while. But it seems like we've managed to pull it off last weekend! This folks, is Cars & Kopi, Singapore August Edition. Location, Dempsey hill, where the parking lots are plenty and free, and breakfast starts from 8am.  photo DSC02774.jpg Having the i3 with me over the weekend, i thought it would be an interesting vehicle to bring down. (Full review soon!)  photo DSC02810.jpg Took a couple of photos since i was early.  photo DSC02882.jpg Shortly, the carpark began to fill up as friends arrived.  photo DSC02926.jpg Can't mistake these taillights for anything else.  photo DSC02813.jpg R-San-Yons  photo DSC02822.jpg  photo DSC02815.jpg  photo DSC02818.jpg Do you like your R34s in white?  photo DSC02869.jpg Or is Bayside Blue more your style?  photo DSC02874.jpg  photo DSC02840.jpg Hachiroku sitting with eyes popped up next to GTR34.  photo DSC02828.jpg Some Toyota heritage in this 4-th generation Crown.  photo DSC02830.jpg  photo DSC02825.jpg The only Crown Coupe on our local roads.  photo DSC02851.jpg More classic J-tin.  photo DSC02917.jpg Lean mean green machine!  photo DSC02841.jpg 964 next to a classic Celica. This is Cars & Kopi.  photo DSC02892.jpg  photo DSC02858.jpg A Mini Moke showed up too. Much effort for driving this under our hot sun!  photo DSC02912.jpg Z4M Coupe lurking next to the Moke.  photo DSC02854.jpg No doubt a future classic.  photo DSC03017.jpg  photo DSC02890.jpg Another extremely rare car, the last Audi quattro coupe on our local roads.  photo DSC02898.jpg  photo DSC03023.jpg Those four rings have never looked more appealing.  photo DSC02941.jpg Saab and a familiar SL.  photo DSC02943.jpg  photo DSC02929.jpg Great looking wheels on the Saab Aero Combi.  photo DSC02947.jpg Getting more and more uncommon on our roads, the elegant and beautiful Alfa GT. Seen here in a very vocal 3.2 guise.  photo DSC02956.jpg Shortly after, the 964 left and something else took over its vacated parking lot. No prizes for guessing what this is.  photo DSC02954.jpg R32 Godzilla has arrived!  photo DSC02969.jpg  photo DSC02971.jpg  photo DSC02977.jpg  photo DSC02980.jpg Lovingly restored and perfect in every way.  photo DSC02987.jpg This Junior was sitting alone in a corner. But i just had to grab some pics.  photo DSC02992.jpg Ciao~bella!  photo DSC02993.jpg  photo DSC02997.jpg  photo DSC03003.jpg  photo DSC02998.jpg All in the details.  photo DSC03000.jpg Bella macchina~  photo DSC03040.jpg S15 Silvia was late to the party.  photo DSC03048.jpg As the meet ended, i thumbed the electric motors to life and glided off but not before snapping one last shot of these turbo-charged machines from different eras powering down the road. Till our next Cars & Kopi!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunday Morning Breakfast Run - August Edition

 photo DSC02719_500.jpg Another weekend, another opportunity to bring the old girl out for a spin. This time, with 2 other buddies, we cruised the early morning city streets of Singapore. We called it, the Skyliner Urban Route.  photo DSC02635_500.jpg It also gave me another chance to test out my Gorrilapod / Cinesquid camera mount as we drove the morning away en route to breakfast.  photo DSC02636_500.jpg  photo DSC02647_500.jpg Sunday mornings always gets us the best sort of traffic. Minimal.  photo DSC02661_500.jpg Punching up into the City.  photo DSC02670_500.jpg  photo DSC02680_500.jpg  photo DSC02684_500.jpg  photo DSC02689_500.jpg All these need is some eurobeat. :P  photo DSC02694_500.jpg  photo DSC02712_500.jpg  photo DSC02717_500.jpg  photo DSC02720_500.jpg Afterburners READY!!!  photo DSC02755_500.jpg We ended our drive at a local breakfast/coffee joint. Just in time for another retro mobile to join us.  photo DSC02737_500.jpg  photo DSC02746_500.jpg  photo DSC02761_500.jpg Onward to more weekend morning blasts!  photo DSC02698_500.jpg