Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sunday Morning Breakfast Run - August Edition

 photo DSC02719_500.jpg Another weekend, another opportunity to bring the old girl out for a spin. This time, with 2 other buddies, we cruised the early morning city streets of Singapore. We called it, the Skyliner Urban Route.  photo DSC02635_500.jpg It also gave me another chance to test out my Gorrilapod / Cinesquid camera mount as we drove the morning away en route to breakfast.  photo DSC02636_500.jpg  photo DSC02647_500.jpg Sunday mornings always gets us the best sort of traffic. Minimal.  photo DSC02661_500.jpg Punching up into the City.  photo DSC02670_500.jpg  photo DSC02680_500.jpg  photo DSC02684_500.jpg  photo DSC02689_500.jpg All these need is some eurobeat. :P  photo DSC02694_500.jpg  photo DSC02712_500.jpg  photo DSC02717_500.jpg  photo DSC02720_500.jpg Afterburners READY!!!  photo DSC02755_500.jpg We ended our drive at a local breakfast/coffee joint. Just in time for another retro mobile to join us.  photo DSC02737_500.jpg  photo DSC02746_500.jpg  photo DSC02761_500.jpg Onward to more weekend morning blasts!  photo DSC02698_500.jpg


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