Friday, April 30, 2010

Burn 'da pavement!

Many many years ago, Joel Tam started a site dedicated to the Singapore car scene. Many years ago, this site went dormant. Now it's back and better then ever! Great photos, beautiful cars (like this TA22 Celica) and enthusiastic writers.
Have a look at »

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Videos: Top Gear vs 5th Gear

Got this link from a friend of mine, check it out! Top Gear vs 5th Gear! Finally we get to see these 2 car shows battle it out in a series of auto test.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retrospective: The Red Hot Z4 M Roadster

After my various stints writing feature stories for the local BMW community, i eventually got my first offer to write for a local publication. No, my first car out wasn't this beautiful Z4, it was a Volvo S80 3.2. It had air-conditioned seats, nice car that was. On my 2nd assignment though, i was given the keys to a scarlet 'rad' Z4 M.
An awesome driver's car, overwhelming all of my senses each time i drove it. Absolutely fantastic and a truely a manifestation of JOY. This car sits at the top of my "Best cars i've ever driven" list. One unforgettable weekend indeed.
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*The top photo was taken in Ikea Tampines when it was just opened. I would like to think i was the probably the first wannabe automotive-photog to get chased away by the security*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Retrospective: Ben's E90 and the journey of my E30

Continuing on the contributions i added for BMW-SG, here's a feature on Ben's E90 330i. This car has evolved alot more ever since this feature and has one tight in-car-entertainment system installed. Read more about Ben's car here»

And another E30, this time, my own personal ride before i bought the '36. A short topsy-turvy journal of how it started off from this:
And gradually became:
Before finally evolving to...
Whitey is now under the care of my father and brother who works at SPH. Maybe you might spot it there one day. Read more about the E30 here»

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Retrospective: An E30, a Z4 and a holiday in Bali

Thinking back a couple of years ago, when i first started contributing to BMW-SG, i never realised it would one day land me in the seat of the latest Ultimate Driving Machines to hit our local shores. I consider myself truely fortunate and blessed to everytime i put my hands on the wheel of another brand new BMW. What gave me the chance to do this now, were some articles i contributed and am sharing now with you readers. Here, (and in the coming updates) will be a collection of some of my writeups for the local BMW community. I hope you enjoy reading them as i did writing them.

My very first contribution was on an ol'favourite of mine, the everlasting E30. Being an ex-E30 driver/part-owner, writing about this car was a true delight. I think from what i gather, this car has either been sold to a local collector or it has been exported out to the US of A. The amount of work undertaken on this car is really intense. Read more about it here»

Another stunning steed couldn't be more different as Alpine white Z4 shows. Truely modern in everyway, but with as much attention to detail to the build as the earlier car. This car tore up the local streets and tracks with it's charged up heart beating under the long sleek bonnet. Read more about it here»

A little bit of formality to end off this post, apologies for the late update due to all the work i have had and also took some time off for a trip to Bali last week. Garage36 will (hopefully) be powering back up with more new stuff soon!