Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Retrospective: The Red Hot Z4 M Roadster

After my various stints writing feature stories for the local BMW community, i eventually got my first offer to write for a local publication. No, my first car out wasn't this beautiful Z4, it was a Volvo S80 3.2. It had air-conditioned seats, nice car that was. On my 2nd assignment though, i was given the keys to a scarlet 'rad' Z4 M.
An awesome driver's car, overwhelming all of my senses each time i drove it. Absolutely fantastic and a truely a manifestation of JOY. This car sits at the top of my "Best cars i've ever driven" list. One unforgettable weekend indeed.
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*The top photo was taken in Ikea Tampines when it was just opened. I would like to think i was the probably the first wannabe automotive-photog to get chased away by the security*


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