Monday, May 31, 2010

A couple of Bimmerfest 2010 Vids

Don't you just love Bimmerfest?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bimmerfest Socal 2010 in now on!

Southern Cali's 2010 edition of Bimmerfest has begun!
Check out this thread for some early pictures »

Retrospective: A Trio of Ones

Shuffling back a year or more, i found myself in the driver's seat of 3 different variations of the 1 series. Personally i'm a big fan of having big engines in compact cars, so naturally the 125i and 130i were my favourites.
The 130i in particular ran like stink and darted around traffic so well it went almost all the way up my list of the best cars i've ever driven. Totally balanced with the perfect amount of power. If i could only have one car to do everything, that would be it. Enough space for my significant other and the dogs, enough pace to see off most cars on the road and great handling to put a huge smile on my face. (I guess by now, you'd realise this is my favourite 1er)
Read more about the 130i here »
The 125i even though it came with the same engine as the 130i was slightly detuned and thus, seemed better off being a stylish cruiser then your local bruiser. With handsome sharp looks (especially in white) and a slightly softer setup, i yearned for an engine retune back up to 130i specs. Read more about the drive here »
This 120i Cabriolet is a totally different ball game altogether, with a 4-cylinder engine up front, it was never destined to light up the streets, but girls somehow love it (And it managed to carry a 32" widescren LCD TV back home too).
Find out why here »

Monday, May 17, 2010

BMW F10 5 series local launch - 18th May

Got my invite.
Performance Motors Singapore has launched the new F10 5 series in Singapore. A simple affair at finger food and drinks as usual. After the introductory speeches, PML rolled out a champagne gold (beige) 535 and a black 523. The car really does look like a slightly scaled down version of the 7 series. Especially with those tail-lamp graphics but i like the long and aggressive snout on the new generation of Ultimate Driving Machines.

Personally i think the car looks a tad restrained compared with the outgoing model, design-wise it looks like they skipped a generation and the car looks more like an evolution of the E39. Time will tell how well the aesthetics will last. I like it though. Albeit, with some big-wheels and in another color perhaps. Maybe in this day and economy, BMW decided their target audience doesn't want to stand out too much. Perhaps?

Download the equipment list over at BMW-SG »

Friday, May 7, 2010

Why 2 cars hitting each other at 50mph ≠ 100mph

Contrary to popular belief, 2 cars hitting each other at the 50mph does not mean hitting each other at 100mph. Here are the Mythbusters to show you more. (As well as a car getting smashed into a wall @100mph)

Retrospective:The 4 Cylinder'ed 5 Series

With the new F10 generation 5 series about to be unveiled in Singapore in a couple of weeks, here's a look at the "entry" level 5. The 520i, the smallest engine of the 5 series family. Read more here »

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Retrospective: A Topless 335i & E66 7 Series

When BMW released the 335i onto the motoring public, many a propellerhead's heart went a fluttering. It was BMW's return into the world of forced induction. Twin turbos fed the 3-litre heart and pumped out 400Nms of torques just above idle. I was given a chance to have a go in a droptop 335i and experience what 400Nms feels like without a roof. Read more here »

Taking a slight step back in time sees me behind the wheel of the then brand-new E66 4-litre 7-Series. The 740Li. Read more here »

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ferrari Pornography - Japan's F40 meetup

I'm not one particularly in love with the modern lineup of Ferraris. I kind of feel the cars after the 355 all the way to the 430 to be a little bit less characterful. The Stradale, 599GTO and the latest 458 Italia seem to be recapturing that magic.
My all time favourite Ferrari of them all was and always will be, the F40. (I'm particularly fond of the all-black Light-weight versions) Totally mad and built with a single minded proposition. Pull the panties off the Porsche 959.
Check out webridetv for the full gallery of F40 pictures »

Random Shots: Table-top Touge 峠