Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Subaru BRZ trailer

Amidst all the hype surrounding Toyota's 86, Subaru has also launched their version of the Toyobaru and here in all it's online video glory, we have a beautiful CM of the BRZ. Makes me think of all the classic JDM sports car adverts from the past.

And here below is the first ever video test, although i don't understand any of it. He probably said it'6s badass and awesome.

Toyota Hachiroku in Gran Turismo 5

Watch it in HD!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A short drive in the '86 took the '86 out for a spin and made a short video. Engine is kimochi!

Videos: Presentation of the new Hachiroku

Plenty of videos of the new 86. First off, driving scenes and an evolution of the concepts to production from Toyota Europe.

Out from Japan, a fan made video of the presentation and scenes from the 2011 Gazoo Racing Festival.

And straight off Toyota Japan, the presentation of the 86 and if you really have the time, a presentation of the car from Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada.

Goodbye FT86, Hello GT86!

Today, the online car enthusiast community blew up with news of the FT86's production unveiling prior to the Tokyo Motor Show. Gone is the name FT86, replaced by the name GT86. The JDM model gets a cooler name, just simply, 86. Or in other words, Hachiroku.

Some early drive writeups have begun surfacing on the net, with Autocar magazine giving it the thumbs up and calling the driving experience a match for the likes of a Porsche Cayman. High praise indeed.

Fans of the original have been waiting a really really looooooong time for this. My personal favourite of the bunch is the white one rolling on BBS wheels.

Enjoy these photos of the car via Autoc-One.

No doubt many of Japan's top tuners are probably working on further enhancements for the 86 as we speak and i just can't wait to see the results at the next Tokyo Auto Salon.

Above image from Mr Ichiraku Toshi from uber cool Porsche shop, RWB.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Random shots: T-shirts

My current favourite pair of Tees...

My second favourite pair of Tees!!! (Sorry RWB :( )

BMW.SG's 10th Anniversary Party "Our lovely ladies"

For our 10th anniversary party, we at BMW.SG wanted to do it big, cool and with racequeens! (Although racequeens are the wrong term for these lovely lasses, the correct term being "image girls".) They did bring about some added sizzle and eye candy to our party. Big up from us at BMW.SG to our lovely four, Mabel, Amelia, Evangeline and May! We LOVE you all! (& no, we are not giving away their numbers!)

For more pictures of these lovely ladies (you perv) and more,
head over to our event's facebook page »

Subaru BRZ from L.A. Autoshow

With Toyota's FT86 stealing all the attention with so many teasers and concepts, Subaru has now joined in the Concept party with their stunning BRZ.

With a big rear wing, larger wheels, larger brakes and sporting a brand new blue hue. The BRZ is shaping up to be probably Subaru's best looking car in a very very long time.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BMW.SG celebrates 10 Years! "The Cars"

What would a BMW.SG event be if there were no cars? Here are just some of the interesting ones that happened to be there.

Long live the '36!

& the 46!

A few ///M's.

Nice big V8 6er.

BMW M5 + Wagon + Roof racks = WIN!!!

Even non-BMWs were present. Like some Audis.

A couple of Porks.

A prancing horse

A flower

This Atacama yellow M3 was specially prepared for our event. Atacama being a special order Individual color.

It had a cute perky butt.

And some nice shoes.

Another bum shot to round off this post.

To view more photos of the event, click here »