Thursday, July 31, 2014

BMW World Media Preview

 photo i8_mediapreview_500.jpgWe were treated to a sneak peek of BMW World Expo 2014 last night, click here for the highlights and what to expect from the show that starts today!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Toyota Throwback

Toyota sure doesn't make em like they used to. Hopefully the '86 will lead the way to another sports car renaissance.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Random pics: Breakfast company

 photo DSC_2023-500.jpg  photo DSC_2022-500.jpg Back from a vacation and met up with some friends for breakfast. Each car on a different engine configuration.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Where the wild Osakan's are, the Kanjo.

Before anything, let me just say, street racing's bad mmmkay? It's dangerous and is a game played out where your own life is at stake, so choose wisely. That said, here's a look at the illegal and now due to numerous crackdowns by the authorities, uncommonly seen Kanjo World of Osaka.

IF that's not enough, check out the below video.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 dates announced!

 photo tas2015-500.jpg Months ago i had earlier booked some discount tickets to Tokyo and hoping that the dates i picked would be correct for the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon and it seems i was right! Dates for the event has just been announced and it looks like i will be there once again. :)

See you on the January 9th, 10th and 11th, 2015 at the Makuhari Messe!

Friday, July 11, 2014

BMW World 2014 exclusive invites

 photo bmww_500.jpg BMW Asia will be holding the largest single automotive group showcase in Asia, BMW World, and BMW.SG has exclusive invites to give away. Register here:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Greater than the sum of its parts: Driving the M235i

 photo P1170881.jpg After reading and watching so many glowing reviews on the BMW M235i, we finally have the keys to the car in our pockets and our mitts on its squishy steering wheel. But first, let's dispense with the formalities, shall we?  photo P1170871.jpg Does it have an M-diffential?
No it doesn't.  photo DSC01541.jpg So it is not a proper full-blooded M-car?
Although there are prominent M-badges all around the car that might suggest otherwise, this is not the successor to the much loved and now much collectible BMW 1M. Think of BMW's M-performance line of cars like M-lites, much the same way Audi pitches their S cars against the RS models.  photo P1170842.jpg Is it any good then?
In short, it is good. Very good. So good in fact, you'd wonder what sort of hat-trick BMW will pull when they eventually unleash the 1M's true successor, the M2.  photo DSC01514.jpg Aesthetically, the M235i shares much with the rest of the 2-Series cars and considering the base-model 2s are already attractively styled, this isn't a bad thing.  photo DSC01508.jpg There are some differences which sets these cars apart, most notably the more aggressive looking front bumper encompassing larger air intakes and those gun-metal 18-inch wheels, which although modestly styled, do a much more convincing job of filling the wheel arches than the 17s on the base cars.  photo DSC01513.jpg These changes might not sound like much but coupled with the lowered ride height, gives the car a much more purposely and a ready-to-pounce stance. Transforming the already youthful and sporty 2-Series into a more serious and purposeful design.  photo DSC01543.jpg Inside, there aren't many tell-tale signs that you're in something other than a "normal" 2-Series coupe. Other than the carbon-print aluminum trim and some additional bits of switchgear, everything will look very familiar to drivers of the 1 and 2-series cars. The controls all fall into place and ergonomics are top-notch.  photo DSC01559.jpg Starting up the car does give you a hint that this is no ordinary 2-Series as the digital display below the instrumentation showcases a prominent M235i logo.

Nestled behind the generous front intakes sits BMW's venerable N55 engine. All 3 liters of smooth inline 6 force fed power.  photo P1170835.jpg With the addition of an enforced crankshaft, revised engine mapping, and an improved cooling system. This power plant in factory tune pumps out 326 horses and 450Nm of torque. More than enough to shuffle this M-lite from stop to 100km/h in 4.8 seconds.  photo P1170800.jpg Numbers and figures of course mean nothing if the driving experience just doesn't "feel" right and that brings to point the M235i's trump card. The way it feels.

The M235i carries over the same electric power steering system from the excellent M135i and although it might seem a little vague when driving around town and in traffic, it livens up to just the right amount when you are game for an "enthusiastic" run on the roads on your choice. Turn in is direct, sharp and it's weight loads up nicely into bends.  photo DSC01503.jpg Although the M235i is equipped with BMW's Adaptive M Suspension, it is a system that has also been specially tweaked by the M-Division. Which means, even if you were to equip a 220i with Adaptive M Suspension, it's a different system than in this car. Sharing everything except some trick electronic valves on the dampers of the M235i, which help it stick even better to the road and react better, as well as providing a smoother and less bumpy ride. This is something unique that you can only get on the M235i. Drive it right and under steer becomes nothing but a figment of your imagination.  photo P1170806.jpg The car reacts beautifully diving into bends with the 4-piston brakes working very well at scrubbing off speed. The gearbox and engine egging you on with each blip on the downshifts, urging you to get on the power earlier and earlier and when you finally give it some juice as you unlock the steering wheel, the rear end squats and squirms before hooking up and blasting you off to dispatch another bend.  photo P1170758.jpg Coupled with it's relatively small footprint, this car just dances in the b-roads and puts a giant grin on your face. Very addictive, but at the cost of multiple trips to the gas station due to it's somewhat small petrol tank.

In and around town, the M235i displays decent road manners and allows for a comfortable cruise when "comfort" mode is selected. Big bumps and very rough roads might slightly unsettle the car but this is to be expected in cars of this size. Overall, it does a good job sheathing it's playful nature to most observers.  photo DSC01537.jpg Boot space is decent for a car of this size and will probably swallow up most things you'll need for a weekend or a day-trip. Rear seats fold down to increase luggage load but long trips to Ikea at not advised.  photo DSC01541.jpg Overall, although there might be some nit-picks on the practical aspects of the car, this really is one of BMW's modern gems rolled into a compact chassis that suits our local roads perfectly. It sounds good, looks great and offers a really fantastic drive. To experience the M235i, just go for a test drive at Munich Automobiles.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Random pic: Everything is awesome!

 photo lego-500.jpgReceived a present from my awesome girlfriend! Outatime!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Meet the Ferrari mechanic turned racer

A lovely story and an even lovelier stable of cars in the garage.

Cars & Kopi - June 2014

 photo DSC01956.jpg Another couple of months, another Cars & Kopi breakfast meet! This one taking place on the last weekend of June. I didn't get to spend much time at the meet though as i had another appointment to rush off to. Nonetheless, i managed to take some pictures while i was there.  photo DSC01957.jpg  photo DSC01963.jpg A lovely white GTT decked out on gold-centred LMs. Can't ever go wrong with BBS wheels.  photo DSC01970.jpg Although our local car community might not be big, there's still quite some variety in the cars that show up. How about that E-Type?  photo DSC01941.jpg Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag~~~  photo DSC01977.jpg  photo DSC01973.jpg  photo DSC01927.jpg Details details. It's all in the details.  photo DSC01923.jpg  photo DSC01874.jpg Nostalgic V12 grunt, nostalgic V12 thirst.  photo DSC01876.jpg They don't make interiors like these anymore.  photo DSC01908.jpg Loely clamshell bonnet.  photo DSC01881.jpg Sitting behind the E-type was a much more modern interpretation of Jaguar's sporting ambitions. An XKR.  photo DSC01918.jpg  photo DSC01930.jpg Rarely do we get a chance to see these 2 parked up together. Makes for a nice picture.  photo DSC01937.jpg  photo DSC01934.jpg While on one side of the road we had 2 Jags, the other also had 2 cars of the same marque from different eras. A VW Type 3 parked ahead of a Golf Cabriolet.  photo DSC01949.jpg  photo DSC01947.jpg Just behind the Golf we have the above mentioned Skyline. An interesting mix no?  photo DSC01888.jpg Speaking of JDM metal, here's a beautiful TA22.  photo DSC01903.jpg  photo DSC01891.jpg Lean mean green machine.  photo DSC01906.jpg A much more modern day Toyota was also present in the form of the Bippu crowd's favourite, the Crown.  photo DSC01900.jpg  photo DSC01979.jpg And rounding off the post with a couple of Germans. The Garage36 jalopy was sadly out of commision that morning so with that said, here's hoping the next Cars & Kopi won't be too far away.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Classic cars featured on Channel NewsAsia

Have a watch. They don't make em like they used to.