Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cars & Kopi - June 2014

 photo DSC01956.jpg Another couple of months, another Cars & Kopi breakfast meet! This one taking place on the last weekend of June. I didn't get to spend much time at the meet though as i had another appointment to rush off to. Nonetheless, i managed to take some pictures while i was there.  photo DSC01957.jpg  photo DSC01963.jpg A lovely white GTT decked out on gold-centred LMs. Can't ever go wrong with BBS wheels.  photo DSC01970.jpg Although our local car community might not be big, there's still quite some variety in the cars that show up. How about that E-Type?  photo DSC01941.jpg Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag~~~  photo DSC01977.jpg  photo DSC01973.jpg  photo DSC01927.jpg Details details. It's all in the details.  photo DSC01923.jpg  photo DSC01874.jpg Nostalgic V12 grunt, nostalgic V12 thirst.  photo DSC01876.jpg They don't make interiors like these anymore.  photo DSC01908.jpg Loely clamshell bonnet.  photo DSC01881.jpg Sitting behind the E-type was a much more modern interpretation of Jaguar's sporting ambitions. An XKR.  photo DSC01918.jpg  photo DSC01930.jpg Rarely do we get a chance to see these 2 parked up together. Makes for a nice picture.  photo DSC01937.jpg  photo DSC01934.jpg While on one side of the road we had 2 Jags, the other also had 2 cars of the same marque from different eras. A VW Type 3 parked ahead of a Golf Cabriolet.  photo DSC01949.jpg  photo DSC01947.jpg Just behind the Golf we have the above mentioned Skyline. An interesting mix no?  photo DSC01888.jpg Speaking of JDM metal, here's a beautiful TA22.  photo DSC01903.jpg  photo DSC01891.jpg Lean mean green machine.  photo DSC01906.jpg A much more modern day Toyota was also present in the form of the Bippu crowd's favourite, the Crown.  photo DSC01900.jpg  photo DSC01979.jpg And rounding off the post with a couple of Germans. The Garage36 jalopy was sadly out of commision that morning so with that said, here's hoping the next Cars & Kopi won't be too far away.


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