Sunday, May 29, 2011

B-Road Saturday Mornings

At the early hour of 6am, when everyone else was asleep, 3 weirdos decided to venture up to Msia for some backroad driving fun.
Representing the funky 70s, a lovely TA22 Celica

From the outrageous turbo 80s, this FC RX7.
Sitting pretty at the fabled resting stop of all Rotaries.

Rounding off the trio, from the 90s, my ol' E36

Apart from a slight hiccup at the immigration checkpoint, it was quite a fun and enjoyable drive. Somewhere out there, i learnt that having a stiff suspension setup and a full bladder does not go very well together.

It was pretty cool to look from behind as the RX7 kept spitting out flames. I didn't even know i had this shot until i got home! Most of the time though, there'd be double the flames.

With such liberal use of petrol, RX7 had to go back to her rest-stop again.

Tummys and cars tanked up, we headed back home.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

///Massive Bimmerfest 2011 coverage

Bimmerfest 2011 has just ended and what a show. One of, if not THE biggest ever turnout with over 1000 cars sitting pretty in Pasedena. And without a doubt, one of the best coverage reports on Bimmerfest 2011, came courtesy of Canibeat.

With stunning photos by John Zhang and a some of the loveliest ladies to grace an autoshow. Can't beat that combination. The hot chick above? That'll be Amy Fay.

Shoot over to their site for the full monty »

For more pictures and videos, here are some links for you to waste hours away.
- Night Import's Bimmerfest 2011 coverage
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- Autoblog - Bimmerfest 2011 invades the Rose Bowl
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- Jlevi SW at Bimmerfest '11
- Amy Fay's facebook fanpage

It's JDM yO! 1st Anniversary yO!

It really seems to be the beginning of show season this time of the year. Stance is the name of the game. Check out full coverage over at Canibeat »

RWB's latest project, Rough Rhythm.

Rauh Welt's Grand-master Nakai-san has finished this mean and green 993. True badass style. Rough Rhythem belongs to Toshi Ichiraku – the International Division Director of RWB.

What's the meaning behind Rough Rhythm? According to Toshi-san, "This is new style of RWB, we need Rhythm to do any thing. The name was given by Nakai-san"
Head over to Jonsibal's site to read up »

Bimmerfest 2011 video

Bimmerfest 2011 has just recently ended and the images and video are quickly coming out. Here's are some sweet vids.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Random Shots: J-Euro 6series

First time seeing TE37s on a 6er locally. 20inches of JDM goodness.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cars & Kopi (& Teh Tarik)

Maybe it's the weather, with the sun shining really brightly nowadays, freshly washed cars have no fear of venturing out of their covered carparks, and as another sunday came, some serious firepower and machinery headed down towards the East Coast for a Sunday morning meetup.

Showing just how big the GTR is

Beautiful R34


Beautiful Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and GTRs aside, one quirky old heritage-mobile in my opinion, took the 'star car' award. You don't see these everyday, in fact, you don't really see these at all.

My Jalop:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Random Shots: ol' E24

Don't see many of these 6ers running around nowadays. Even less so on those original mesh wheels.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BMW M5 Concept in Singapore

BMW has shipped over their coveted M5 Concept over to Munich Auto in Singapore for a showcase over the weekend. And this evening, select members of the press were privy for an early preview of what is essentially the soon-to-be-released F10 M5. Although many have already seen photos of the car during it's unveiling at the Shanghai auto show, this is the first public showing of BMW Motorsports latest crowning achievement.
As expected, the car was under wraps but they soon peeled off the covers to reveal the M5 Concept wearing big black wheels and sporting some mean gangsta tints. Neither of which i think will come stock standard on the production car.

Lovely side profile

Some notable ///M Details. Side vents, big wheels, big brakes and big intakes.

The M5 Concept also sported a nice perky rear end too, with sweet-ass quad pipes peeping out the rear.

I figured since i at the M-car showroom, i shuffled around to take pictures of other niceties sitting around. An M3 GTS at the back, with 2 already delivered and prowling down Orchard Road soon.

Finishing off, a 1-M Coupe and an M3 sitting in their clean as tits workshop.

The M5 Concept will be on display for public viewing at the Munich Automobiles showroom located at 30 Teban Gardens Crescent, from May 21 to 22. This coincides with the first-ever Munich Automobiles BMW Service Centre Open House over the same weekend.

The first 500 BMW owners will receive a 25% discount voucher applicable for service and maintenance packages exclusively at Munich Automobiles. The BMW Service Centre Open House at Munich Automobiles has something for everyone in the family, including racing-simulators, remote-controlled car racing competitions, photo-booths and a crash-course in BMW automobile servicing. All visitors will also have the opportunity to win the latest iPad2.

Oh yes, i almost forgot to add in, i chatted with some of them German folk, the official word on the new F10 M5 is that there will be no touring version because sales of the previous one were sadly, not too great.

And on the topic of a lighter 1M... ala CSL, they said. "Probably... maybe"
Here's hoping.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Early morning

At 530am, i got up and joined a few other people from the VAG-SG "Old Car" thread for an early morning drive and breakfast. Essentially a group of people who appreciate older/cult cars, but most of the cars that turned up were rather modern.

The only old car that came out was an old Mercedes W115 not belonging to anyone in the group, haha... Fun times fun times. It was a nice leisurely but short drive with very little traffic. My little E36 was in good company.

R34s always look good

Nice round ass

Super Leggera & Challenge Stradale

M5 and my little grey machine