Monday, May 2, 2011

Project E36 KH2: Part II "The Reveal"

Now that the car has been out for a couple of weeks, it's about time i put up some photos and showcase what a BMW painted in Nissan colors really looks like.

I'm really quite pleased with the end-result, although the process was a pain. Gunmetal grey looks really nice on the '36.

As mentioned earlier, i set aside quite a number of stickers that i initially wanted to slap onto the car, but after much trial and error fitting and removing stickers, it just didn't seem to gel.

The carbon-boot from before does go very well with this new paint job tho.

DIY-painted "IS" insignia went back up.

This "N" sticker from Studie did manage to sneak past.

The rest of the stickers, went onto the windscreen, looked pretty good i think.

And finally, a parting shot featuring my newly tinted fog-lamps. Yes the car needs a washing again. How do you like the new color? :)


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