Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meanwhile, in the Eastern part of Singapore

2 interesting meetups happened today. One early in the morning which i slept through, another, a mini gathering of people like minded people who appreciate classic metal. A small gathering of local old-skool(or old skool-ish) rides. Them a cool bunch of people too, it's heartening to know that there are people around Singapore trying very hard to preserve the cars we love(Me included). Here's some of the cars that swung by.
A rather tasty MX5

A single owner KE70. Owner has had the car new when he was in his 20s. RESPECT.

Tofu car


More modern machinery in the form of an R34 GTT and an RS4

And a trio of cool 1st-gen Celicas

Earlier on, in another Eastern part of Singapore, another bunch of car-loving folk metup with some really awesome (exotic) cars, have a look over at SMFer's blog »


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