Monday, May 17, 2010

BMW F10 5 series local launch - 18th May

Got my invite.
Performance Motors Singapore has launched the new F10 5 series in Singapore. A simple affair at finger food and drinks as usual. After the introductory speeches, PML rolled out a champagne gold (beige) 535 and a black 523. The car really does look like a slightly scaled down version of the 7 series. Especially with those tail-lamp graphics but i like the long and aggressive snout on the new generation of Ultimate Driving Machines.

Personally i think the car looks a tad restrained compared with the outgoing model, design-wise it looks like they skipped a generation and the car looks more like an evolution of the E39. Time will tell how well the aesthetics will last. I like it though. Albeit, with some big-wheels and in another color perhaps. Maybe in this day and economy, BMW decided their target audience doesn't want to stand out too much. Perhaps?

Download the equipment list over at BMW-SG »


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