Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Good morning Singapore!

 photo DSC02481.jpg It was a public holiday over the weekend and as the party goers and late nite crowded began to make their journeys home, a small group of enthusiast banded together over an impromptu call to greet our Nation's birthday with the sound of wailing engines and trumpeting exhaust notes.  photo DSC02507.jpg  photo DSC02512.jpg The call might have been last minute, but a lovely variety of cars joined in the early morning fun run.  photo DSC02493.jpg Do you like your power force-fed or delivered naturally?  photo DSC02500.jpg  photo DSC02520.jpg  photo DSC02523.jpg We probably had half the island's Saab population driving alongside. (Okay, okay, not half... But maybe, a quarter?)  photo DSC02529.jpg Black 993 behind popped out halfway into the drive, much like Blackbird from Wangan Midnight no?  photo DSC02545.jpg We all pulling into a small parking area towards the end of the drive and i took some pictures. Here are some of the cars whose owners dragged themselves up in the wee hours of a Saturday morning.  photo DSC02554.jpg GTI, GT-T, 911, RS4.  photo DSC02561.jpg Yellow M3 had a Bumblebee sticker on it.  photo DSC02576.jpg A limited edition Impreza WRX STi S204 sitting amongst the Saab sub-group. :P  photo DSC02580.jpg Big brute SL63 AMG.  photo DSC02604.jpg Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag~  photo DSC02568.jpg F-type sitting pretty next to the mysterious Blackbird.  photo DSC02552.jpg A closer look. So very clean, so very good looking.  photo DSC02601.jpg Where the magic happens.  photo DSC02608.jpg  photo DSC02560.jpg Custom spec Meisters sitting under that shapely curvaceous booty. Choice!  photo DSC02585.jpg How to make my car really jelly.  photo DSC02597.jpg Red S4 mixing up the Audi brigade.  photo DSC02590.jpg Does it get more varied than this?  photo DSC02611.jpg Soon it was time to head off and a few of us drove on to have breakfast. I left later but caught up with this cruising cat on the expressway.  photo DSC02615.jpg Shortly after this photo, the V12 went full song and dusted a taxi cab up ahead.  photo DSC02619.jpg  photo DSC02621.jpg Some parting shots.  photo DSC02628.jpg Sasha Grey in some esteemed company. Here's hoping there will be more invigorating morning drives in the not too distant future!


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