Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Old School Cool

Compared with previous years' Auto Salons, this time, i did not spot many classics on the show floor. But those that were present made up for the lack of quantity with some quality showings.

Retro favourites Rocky Auto showed off 2 JDM legends, an S30 Fairlady and a Hakosuka. Both tweaked, both insane.

The Fairlady was jazzed up with a love-it or hate-it chrome wrap, ran a RB26.

Rocky Auto's Hakosuka was constantly under siege by showgoers. What lay under the bonnet? Another RB26?

How about a V8 from a Lexus LS400 (Toyota Celsior)? Purist stand back!

Another car bound to give anoraks a heart attack is this 2000GT legend converted to run on electricity, complete with solar panels on the bonnet.

Along the same lines as the 2000GT is this Subaru 360, also converted to run on batteries.

Now that we are done with the horror of EV classics, here we present to you this beautifully lovely petrol drinking Kenmeri.

Pictures just don't do these cars any justice at all.

You just have to see them in the flesh.

I wish to have my very own Kenmeri one day...

This Fairlady is just beginning to have her youth renewed.

Star Road's Fairlady sitting pretty and pristine.

HCR showing us how wild an early Starlet can be.

Phat wheels on a phat ride.

You can never tire of looking at clean Hachirokus.

But if you prefer Hachis of the tuned variety, Tec-Arts has got you covered with this awesome looking Trueno.

I wish we could find cars like this as easily over here.

A ride of a slightly younger vintage, this Mark II by Car Choice Jade showed some dorifto styling.

These might look like a collection of 2000GTs but, look closer...


Still can't see what's different?

These cars actually started out life as MX5s. Crazy right?

Even the interiors were replicated.

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