Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Stars and Diamonds: Subarus and Mitsubishis

Although Subaru's show-stopper this year at the auto salon was the BRZ, there was no let up on other exciting cars from Fuji Heavy Industries and various other tuners.

This Impreza from Car Service Hiro certainly caught many visitors' attention, at first glance, looking very very much like a Mercedes, the big letters was the biggest clue to what lay beneath all that custom bodywork.

The exhibitors were still giving it a once over when we arrived in the morning of the 1st day. Check out those massive massive wheels and the chopped roof.

The wildest Impreza of the show?

Back at Subaru's booth, they had a couple of tuned S206s.

Take your pick.

Maybe you'd prefer a JGTC racer?

And if Rally is more your 'thang, here you go.

This is the new face of the latest Imprezas. I didn't really like it.

A little bit too chunky for my taste.

To be fair though, it actually looked better in real life then in pictures. I tried to take as many angles as i could but it really doesn't photograph well at all.

Elsewhere, Varis had an STI sedan all decked out.

HKS Kansai also had a go with the STI sedan.

Blitz showing off their lovely exhaust systems.

And HKS Advan bringing on show the previous generation STI WRX.

We musn't forget Tommy Kaira's good looking Legacy wagon.

Moving on to the other side of the arena, we have Mitsubishi! Representing here is their a monster Mitsubishi i!

Ok i was kidding, i only took photos of this because of those 2 cuties.

Moving on to more serious stuff, you can't beat the King.


Check out all those Voltex bits.

You can't miss this mean green EVO from Car Service Hiro.

We showed you the Varis STI, so here's their EVO.

Yokohama wheels also had an EVO X at their booth.

Not forgetting Blitz's EVO.

To brings things to a close, here's Blitz's Pocket Rocket, Colt Version-R. It was probably the only Colt i spotted at the show.

These little runabouts don't get featured much so i'll just post more photos here for the Colt fans.

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