Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - The Italians

There were no shortage of sexy Italian metal in the halls of the Auto Salon. Pimped up Lamborghinis, petite Fiat500s and a couple of Ferraris. Let's start with some old school flavour with a black Testarossa flanked by 2 lovely laides, sitting at Goodyear's booth, next to the lovely RUF featured in a previous post.

HRE had a California with 2 different sets of wheels on each side.

Pirelli had a pretty stock looking Ferrari FF, it was my first time seeing the FF in the flesh and being a fan of the Shooting Brake style, i loved it.

Need new wheels for your Prancing Horse? How about some Asantis? I liked the detailing on the edge of the rim.

Hyper Forged wheels had Ferrari's stablemate, Maserati, on some rather big kicks to fill up the entire wheelarch.

Not forgetting Ferrari's parent company, there were some Fiats on display as well. This yellow 500 from Tipo looked particularly sweet.

Abarth had a 500 and Punto.

You cannot feature Italian cars and miss out on the misfits from Lamborghini and there were plenty of Lambos to savour at the event. One of the first cars we saw when we entered the halls was this blinging Diablo, even the rear vents were shiny.

But for some real bling, look no further then this Murcielago from VITT-Performance.

The detailing of this car is just awesome. Those swarovskis were all individually applied.

The wheels got airbrushed and even the tyres had sparkly pink paint used as highlights.

Talking about bling, have you ever seen a gold-chrome Lamborghini in real life? It's pretty crazy.

This golden boy is from Liberty Walk, their booth was pretty much Lamborghini-lovers heaven.

The one that caught my attention the most was this military spec LP660. I love how they did all the decals with a slight fade to replicate wear.

Even the interior of this mean green machine got the full camo treatment.

And for those grocery runs down the local store, you can have this similarly themed Suzuki Every van.

When booth space just isn't enough for the Liberty Walk boys, they stack em up!

There were even miniature Liberty Walk cars on display, although i shudder to think of how much those little babies would cost.

Too many Murcielagos? How about the latest Aventador sitting on Hyper Forged wheels as well.

Boom Craft also had a Murci on display but i think the car's not getting the most attention at the moment.


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