Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - The BMWs

There were quite a number of BMWs on display at TAS this year and since my blog stemmed from my love of the marque, i shall start of my TAS postings with the cars from Bavaria!

ERJ Sports Development had a pair of fattened E90 sedans looking race ready with their "ZeroFighter" kit.

Laptorr's M3 was sitting close by.

Arma showed off their newly boosted Z4 sDrive23i. Up to slightly over 300 horses from 200 odd. Impressive.

I really liked the splash graphics on the sides.

Rowen also had a Z4 on their stand. They call it, the "White Wolf".

It was nice to see an E36 still on display.

This one had pretty cool silver carbon elements.

BBS had a 1M from Studie wearing their very sexy, very expensive and very lightweight BBS FIs. FI for Forged Individual.

How light? In 19" size, a wheel will come in at slightly below 7.4 kgs. Amazing.

Amongst all the BMWs on show, F10s were the choice of most tuners this year.

Work wheels had an F10.

So did 3D Design.

So did Studie. Showcasing an ACS'd F10.

Alongside another AC Schnitzer F10, this time in Touring form.

Hamann's contribution to the F10 party.

Kelleners Sport's F10.

Vorsteiner showed off an F10 as well.

Double trouble?

At Yokohama's stand, another F10 Touring from Studie. Looking pretty good in a satin sheen.

Breaking away from the F10 party, TP Checker had Ueno's BMW D1 machine on show.

There's Ueno!

Another BMW on BBS's booth, this time, an M3 sedan from Dort and again wearing those uber delicious BBS FIs.

If the BBS's are not to your taste, how about some lovely TE37SLs on this Sunbeam M3?

Or maybe these recently released TE37 Tokyo Time Attacks on a Craftsman M3?

This E90 was spotting with some dubious lighting appendages.

To finish off, an F01 spotting some interesting gold accents.

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