Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 - Honda

Of all the manufacturers at the Auto Salon, Honda had one of the most varied showcases around, showcasing their classics, hybrids, JGTC racers, an open wheeled racer, as well as their street cars.

The most anticipated of them all for me would be this pair of Supercharged CR-Zs. Tagged, CR-Z Type-RRs, i sure hope they make it to production.

Looking menacing in orange or green, pick your favourite.

Looks like this kid just wants the engine.

These 2 look ready to hit the tracks.

A cool vending machine for you to purchase some classic themed t-shirts. That's Snoopy there! I should have bought a t-shirt on the 1st day i arrived because on they were all sold out when i came back on the 3rd day.

You could buy your Honda memorabilia here too. I bought a Choro-Q CRX.

Following up the classic cars featured previously, the Vtec pioneers also brought along some of their rejuvenated past heros, like the S600 above. Immaculate.

Probably the cleanest Best around?

The original Honda Life van.

Even old bikes were featured.

Will this be the new BEAT? They had these cars under some studio lights which allowed us to take pretty nice photos.

As a manufacturer that constantly pursuits new technologies, they wired up a contraption which allows you to move a car on the screen by moving your face and head. It was interesting to watch.

The FlashBox concept was sitting under some pulsating lights and thumping music.

Honda mobility scooter?

Showing how much you can throw into the back of a small Honda wagon.

Away from Honda's booth, Tommy Kaira had their stunning NSX with a newly developed kit. Hard to belive the NSX is over 20 years old now, she still looks gorgeous.

Over 20 years on and tuners are still developing new parts for this car.

Another Honda Beat, but this time, a bit "enhanced"?

It even had a "r" emblem. That's right, in lower case!

Plenty of CR-Zs outside of Honda's booth area too. This stunner comes courtesy of C-West.

HKS Kansai also brought along a CR-Z.

Evolve's CR-Z had a pretty wild rear diffuser.

Keeping things real is J's Racing's FD2R. Would sure love to hear it's Vtec scream.

HKS' Supercharged S2000 had some cool graphics.

Over on the other side, Odysseys brought out some VIP flavour.

This Ody from ARTIS literally outshines the others with some really amazing paintwork.

Only at the Auto Salon would this car be considered somewhat sedate, a slammed FIT, also at the ARTIS booth.

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