Monday, January 25, 2010

The VWs of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2010

With really so many cars to cover, i will have to split the highlights up to make them as accessible as possible. The GTI has always been a popular car here in Singapore, so let's see what TAS2010 has in store for the little pocket(ish) rocket.

Blitz, realising the gaining popularity of European cars have launched a range of tuning programs for Audis, BMWs, Minis and VWs. Here is the Blitz GTI.

The Blitz GTI even has i-Burners installed. :D

The Newing GTI sported an interesting detail on the rear lights, they wrapped the rear lights and gave it a matt-finish.

Voomeran had a very cool looking GTI with a hunkered down stance and sporting some nice white-dished wheels.

The lone Scirocco of the show.


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