Sunday, January 10, 2010

E36: Ignition key cannot turn

This just happened to me 2days ago. As usual, got into the car, slotted the key into the ignition slot, but the key refused to turn despite numerous tries. It wasn't the steering lock because the key did give a bit of leeway to release the steering lock but thereafter, it was pretty much stuck.

Did a bit of Googling and found a pretty "primitive" solution, not sure if you would want to do it, but in case you are stranded somewhere maybe you can give it a go. Use a hard object, a mallet, or in my case, a metal rod, and with the key inserted into the ignition, give the key a few (fairly hard) taps inward, driving the key into the steering column. I tapped my key a few times, re-inserted the key and voila! Turns like nothing had ever gone wrong. Supposedly, the taps (although violent) will cause the lock tumblers to fall back properly. A quick but probably temporary solution. Best to get the tumblers looked into whenever possible.


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