Tuesday, January 26, 2010

E36: Karo floor mats

Taking a break from all the Tokyo Auto Salon updates, i finally slotted in my set of Karo floor mats. I had to order and pay for these 2 weeks prior to my arrival in Japan and they were sitting in the hotel lobby waiting for me when i got there. I've always wanted a set of Karo mats for years and since no one locally will ever bring them in (citing prohibitive costs), the only other way is to either ship them in, or in my case, pick them up in Japan.

Might not be to everyones taste but i love 'em. Some more pics here and here.
You can visit their website for more information if you like.


Justin Ang said...

Looks great!! Show me during the meet-up can?

Anonymous said...

Dude, Ur driver seat need upholestry.

Louis Soon said...

haha, in due time... will be changing the driver seat out for something more "supportive"

Francis said...

But their website is in Japanese, how do we access English content/site:

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