Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Mercedes-Benz's of Tokyo Auto Salon 2010

It's almost a month now since my trip to the Tokyo Auto Salon, but i still have a stash of pictures from the show to share with all of you. Not something you often see reported when you think of the Auto Salon, but there were quite a few Benzos rocking the halls this year.

My favourite of the lot? The Geländewagens, or G-Wagen for short. These have been around since '79 and their appearances have remained relatively unchanged. Like the Land Rover Defenders (and maybe the H1), these were primarily designed to go off-road with military contracts backing the builds. These G-Wagens are tough looking vehicles with the credentials to match. The most powerful of the Wagens are the AMG fire-breathing G55s. During my trip to Tokyo, i spotted quite a number of the G-Wagens roaming the streets. The Japanese sure know how to pick a car. A few of these machines showcased at the Tokyo Auto Salon have been worked on by various tuners to great effect.

Above, we have a muscular looking Hamann orange on flat black G55 with not one, not two but three exhaust shoving hot gases out from the sides. (You can spot the pipes in the picture)

A.R.T. Tuning's G55 sat at Hamann's side just ozzing with manace in the a dripping wet black finish.

Not letting the other Benz tuners hog the G-limelight, Carlsson brought along their own Wagen with a de-badged grille. Since we are now at the Carlsson stand, let us take a look at the other cars they brought to the Salon.

Right next to the G-Wagen, we have the brand new Carlsson E63.

Anyone noticed the little Smart cars at the side? Funny how they paired the most expensive right next to one of the least expensive models. Oh yes, this was the 722.

My first time seeing an SLR in the flesh. This thing is huge.

They swung the doors up when i returned on the 3rd day of the show.

Some Wagons from Zeus and Wald.

Varis also had their C63 on the showfloor.

Over at Dunlop, an SL63 Black just looking phat and totally wild.

And you just cannot show some Benzes without the Garson D.A.D. Swarovski cars. They totally blind you in real life with their crazy dazzle.

Pictures just cannot capture the amount of shine and reflections from these two.

Whilst on my visit to Tokyo, saw a number of S-Classes crusing around, and all those i saw, were at least S550s and a couple of S63s. I even spotted a Brabus! Here's an S-Class on show with Swarovski encrusted tail-lights, badges, door-handles and throughout the interior.

I was so busy checking out all the little details that i forgot to take a full shot of the car.

Outside of the show whilst roaming around Shibuya one night, i spotted this 'ol gal sitting by the street. Hopefully, that'll be a nice classic end to the Mercedes feature.


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