Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 5: Part 2: Higashi-Fuchu > Odaiba "Toyota Megaweb & Super Autobacs"

After all that awesomeness generated during my visit to Studie AG Tokyo, it's time to tone things down a bit as i ventured on towards Odaiba. With just 2 more locations to strike off on my list of places to visit. I was really quite excited as my train headed towards Tokyo Teleport station, home of the Toyota Megaweb.

It was around 4:30pm when i got out of the train and the sun was beginning to set. The place that i am heading to first? The History Garage, a place i had always seen pictures of on the internets and wished to visit one day. That day will be today!

Or will it? As i shuffled towards Palette Town (Where the Megaweb is), i noticed an eerie calm around the place. Where are the cars that are supposed to be running around? As i neared the entrance, i faced REJECTION~! The Megaweb was closed!!! But of course, my sadness quickly went away after i figured i had a whirlwind of a time at Studie. I figured this just gave me another reason to return to Japan in the future. Just you wait Megaweb... Just you wait! I WILL BE BACK!!!

The only picture of the History Garage i have, the closed door. :(
Not to be discouraged, i spent the rest of my time walking around VenusFort, a bigass shopping centre with numerous outlet stores. Outlet stores in Tokyo though, are still pricey. So i kept my wallet strictly in the pocket and my cards at bay.

VenusFort apparently has a dog run just outside and there are quite a number of pet related shops around.

The Bowlingual apparently translates the barks from your best friend, but then i'll have to translate it again from Japanese. No joy there...

Had a light dinner just before i left VenusFort. They called it a "Pizza", with a base made of baked rice, and pretty delicious toppings on top. I remember cured ham, cheese and an egg. It was a "winter special".

With the "Pizza" wolfed down, it was time to take a short 5-10 minute train ride over to Shinonome Super Autobacs!

But just before venturing in, i headed next door to the Autobacs "Car Show" new and used car showroom. Pretty much self-explanatory, this place sells some pretty interesting machinery from time to time.

Although this evening, the only car i see worth taking a look at was this pristine classic Carrera RS. Upon closer inspection though, underneath the classic skin, lies a 1980 Carrera SC. It sure looked the part though and was immaculate inside and out.

There was another converted example sitting just outside the showroom too, this one had a more modest price tag. It still looked fabulous though. Don't you wish you could bring 'her home?

Heading into Super Autobacs for the first time, i didn't know what to expect. But when i went through those doors... WOW! it's like the Toys 'R' Us of car stuff!!!
I stealthly shot a video when i walked in but the quality turned out pretty horrid. Please forgive me for the "Blair Witch" like camera work, i just let my camera hang loose from my waist as i walked through.

Suspension kits...

Exhaust systems...


Even DUB merchandise... They pretty much have everything covered here...

How about some retro stickers for your GTI?

A Serious selection of wheels from and for major manufacturers, with lots of BBS!

And the one regret from my Tokyo trip, not buying that black on black Nardi! I was so so very close to swiping my card for it but i held back. I feel like kicking myself.

A view from the stairs. See anything you like? How about that stack on Recaros in the corner?

Head upstairs and you will find Lindbergh, a bookstore dedicated entirely to cars.

Rows upon rows of manufacturer handbooks line almost the entire length of the store. Hardcore enough for you?

After about 2 hours pottering around inside, i started making my journey back to Shinjuku. It had been quite an eventful day. Although not everything went according to plan, it all turned out really well and i was a happy (although very tired) traveller. As my train pulled into Tokyo station for me to make the transfer, i popped into this fantastic little shop selling soup.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do they say. So since i was in Tokyo, i ordered the
Tokyo Borsch Soup. It had a little slice of lemon which made it look strange but it was just so tasty.

Having warm soup on a winter night just feels right.

All gone... Burp... Back to Shinjuku, i headed out for more food at the famed Yakitori alley.

Those sticks of Yakitori were pretty decent, but i guess you kind of pay abit for the experience as well since prices here aren't exactly wallet friendly. I washed it all down with some Sake~! Banzai~!!!

After my warm meal, i just wandered around Kabuki-cho for a while, taking in all the sights, sounds and smells.

Giant french toast and a London bus with a fully functioning bar inside.

And towards the end of the night as i walked towards the cab stand (yes, another cab ride, it was really cold and i was knackered), i spotted a makeshift stall selling what looked like either really old or used naughty manga. Only in Japan!


Anonymous said...

hey u went to the Yakitori back alley,my favorite!! the picture of that store,the lady speak chinese right?If Im not wrong.. I miss the store in the middle of the back alley,selling tempura ramen uncle,oiishi ne....

Louis Soon said...

yup. its the store with the chinese speaking lady.

Anonymous said...

Haha Im right about that store!But I went to those at the other lane which can see the trains from the windows.. So niceee Tokyo... I miss all.By the way Im Knight,saying ,hi Louis!Interesting blog u had! :)

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