Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to get there? Toyota Megaweb & Super Autobacs Shinonome

In the final concluding chapter on how to get to the various automotive places i visited in Japan, here are directions to the Toyota Megaweb and Super Autobacs Shinonome. This post will be relatively short, just because it is not that difficult to travel to these 2 places. There are easily accessible by train and are really close to each other!

Again, starting off from Shinjuku station, hop onto the JR Yamanote (Or Saikyo) Line to Osaki Station. At Osaki, switch over to the Rinkai Line Subway and head towards Tokyo Teleport Station.

When you exit the station, you will be able to see PaletteTown and Venus Fort. The Megaweb is right inside, access to the History museum though is a short walk inside Venus Fort, there are signs so you can't miss it. But do take note the opening days, i didn't and headed straight to a closed Megaweb. :(

If the Megaweb isn't your thing and you prefer to go to Super Autobacs, its the same train lines from Shinjuku but stay on the train for 5 minutes more and alight at Shinonome Station. You should be able to see the Super Autobacs building from the platform. Exit the station, cross the roads and just head straight towards the "Toys R Us" of automotive accessories!

Just before Super Autobacs, there is a small building sometimes housing some interesting cars on sale.

On the 2nd level of Super Autobacs is Lindberg, a bookstore with a difference. All car stuff! Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks, we used your directions to visit super autobacs in Tokyo Bay. They replaced the bookstore with a bicycle shop.

Louis Soon said...

damn... thats sad :(

Anonymous said...

How long does it take approximately from the Shinjuku station to get to the Autobacs?

Louis Soon said...

It was a year ago but if i recall correctly, its about 30 minutes travel time?

But use this site, it helps ALOT if ur travelling by train in Japan:

Louis Soon said...

For those interested, Lindberg has moved to T-Site (Tsutaya books) at Daikanyama.

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