Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to get there? Studie Yokohama & Studie Tokyo

After my posts on the various automotive locales i've visited whilst in Japan, a few people have contacted me asking how to get to those places? (Most especially, Studie AG) Well, here's some directions for those willing to undertake the journey. This is by no means comprehensive (knowing how maze-like the Tokyo train network is), but it should point you in the right direction. To be honest, once you get the hang of the train system, it's not rocket science finding your way around.

Your best friend for navigating the train systems in Japan? Jorudan! Before you embark on your trip to Japan, some researching on this site is a MUST! Plan your itenary around this extremely useful site. What i usually do is make some printouts of the directions. There is also an iphone app. which is similar but not as detailed. Worth downloading just in case. But if you've done your homework on Jorudan, a detailed printout is all you need.

The directions to all the places will originate from Shinjuku station, not just because that was where i decided to set up base, but also it's one of the most centralised and accessible stations in Tokyo.

First up, let's take a trip to Studie Yokohama.

The initial train ride getting there is easy and there are multiple ways to get there, one of them is to take the JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line to Yokohama Station, and then transfer to the JR Yokohama Line to Shin-Yokohama station. Total travelling time will be about 40 odd minutes.

Do note that these are 2 seperate Yokohama stations, Yokohama and Shin-Yokohama. Shin-Yokohama serves mainly the bullet trains and Yokohama is the main gateway to Yokohama city.

Once you get out of the train station, head southwards along the train tracks. There are 2 exits, but as long as you keep walking along the tracks you won't get lose. The walk was longer then expected though, took me about 30-40 minutes, perhaps it was the extremely cold weather.

You will pass by a storage facility for brand new Porsches along the way. A Porsche dealership is nearby too. But mostly you'll be walking along some residential blocks.
Keep walking, and you will see Studie Yokohama on your left.

This is facing against the the direction you are walking. Just outside Studie. Here's what you'll be looking at on your way back to the train station.

Just follow the train tracks and you will see Studie!

Across the road from the showroom (& workshop) is the carpark where there were some really sweet rides sitting around.

How about Studie Tokyo? Personally, i found it easier getting to Studie Tokyo then Yokohama. Take the Keio Line from Shinjuku to Chofu-Tokyo station and transit to another train also along the Keio Line that will bring you towards Higashi-Fuchu. This part might be abit more difficult if you have limited or zero understating of Japanese. Heading into the suburbs, more and more signs will be exclusively in Japanese with the occasional tiny english text on the signboards. If in doubt, ask the friendly locals. Total travel time by train should be around 20-30 minutes.

Once you reach Higashi-Fuchu station, take a walk out of the station and you will come across a "Driving school" just outside(On the right side in the above photo). Head northwards towards the main road (the bigger one), and make a right turn.

Head straight for the next 10 minutes or so. You will walk past a Mazda Dealership and a BMW motorbike dealership along the way. Just after a 'Mart' of sorts, you'll see the Studie signage.

AC Schnitzer shares the same office as Studie Tokyo. Double the fun! Enjoy!


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