Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A tribute to BMW Tourings, Part 4. Enjoy Wagoning!

Since one of my previous articles started with an M5 wagon, i think it's only fitting to begin this one with the E61 M5. It also marked the first Touring penned by "The Bangle". Opinions on the design of the E60 sedan was sketchy if you asked me, but on a Touring body, the awkward rear boot treatment of the sedan was non-present and gave a much better balance and flow to the design.

While the previous E39 generation Tourings had to miss out on a Monster wagon, BMW somehow saw it fit drop their firebreathing V10 into a touring for it's successor.

Needless to say, wagon-fans rejoiced. Or rather, wagon-fans with deep pockets rejoiced. Nevertheless, the E61 M5 Touring is one hell of a machine.

Even if said generation of Touring wasn't from the M-Division, plenty of aftermarket parts meant plenty of customized examples.

The E90 3 series came along to replace the gracefully ageing E46, and again, critics of Bangle's design all went into a fit. After the initial hoo-haa settled, Bangle's "Flame Surfacing" proved BMW design was again, ahead of it's time, with rivals quickly slicing up the sides of their latest cars with mixed concave/convex surfaces reminiscent of Bangle's work.

Again, in Touring form, the 3' looked all the more better.

It also came out at a time when white became the "IT" color for tuned cars as shown above. Almost every tuner had a white car.

Looks awesome in red though.

BMW again did not make an M-car for the Touring so talented owners/garage builders and mechanics got to work again. Creating their very own M3 Touring.

It remains to be seen what the new incoming 3 Series will look like, but i'm pretty sure there will be a lovely wagon in the future.

Forging ahead now, is the latest BMW Touring, the F11.

Being a relatively new offering, tuned examples are only starting to trickle out. Some sexy ones are represented here. My favourite are from the land of JDM, Dort's and Studie's.

Sadly, the official word is that there will not be an M-Touring this time round as projected sales do not merit the costs of development. Sad news indeed. But as previous generations of BMW Touring owners show, what M-Division cannot or will not do, they are up to the challenge. And with that, i end my 4-part Touring tribute! Here's to Happy Wagoning!!!


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