Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nostalgic Singapore Car... Photos...

On a local board where some of us gather to talk about old or interesting cars, someone managed to get hold of a scanner and put up these photos from the 90s (Guessing from the time/date-stamps). With cars here having a rather limited lifespan (usually 5-10yrs), it is interesting to see how things have changed in a little over 20 years.

Some nice details of an Alfa GTV above, followed by more "modern" 33s below.

A Rover sitting next to an E28.

And how the local BMW dealership's workshop (Performance Motors) used to look.

On initial launch, only 3 of these Mercedes SL's were allocated for the local market. I guess eventually, more made it over.

I'm guessing this was the local shop for Mercedes Benzo.
Hopefully i can dig up more local old car photos i used to have, will post them up once i find em.


justin albert said...

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Space Miser said...

Omg! The 33s were taken at chancery court in 1990. I was in sec 4 then and i used to head over after school and smoked at the stairwell of the tall block with my bunch of noti school mates. Ya there wasn't a thing as underage smoking then and my friends and i were probably nuisance to the residents. The 5550 sure looks familiar. One was a 88 and the other was an 89. I can spot a classic w115 ce in one of the pics.

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