Sunday, December 7, 2014

Singapore's 1st RWB. Built.

 photo DSC05699.jpg By the time you read this post, Nakai-san would have already boarded his flight back to Japan and Singapore's 1st ever RWB would have been completed and let loose on our streets.  photo DSC05705.jpg But let's rewind back a couple of days (before the weekend) to build day 3. With most of the work completed the night before, i pretty much figured the final day of the build would be a short one, so instead of dropping by after work, i drove over during my lunch break to have a final peek at the build process.  photo DSC05714.jpg  photo DSC05752.jpg  photo DSC05723.jpg As you can see from the above pictures, the car was already pretty much complete by the time i got there, they even washed it!  photo DSC05719.jpg The lucky and very brave owner even got his very own RWB Singapore T-shirt for the occasion.  photo DSC05762.jpg  photo DSC05763.jpg Cameo photobomb by Sasha Grey the E36 behind a visibly focused Nakai.  photo DSC05793.jpg Nakai-san carefully working on some minor finishing touches.  photo DSC05778.jpg  photo DSC05780.jpg Windscreen decal backing pulled off, Singapore very 1st RWB is good to go!  photo DSC05733.jpg  photo DSC05693.jpg RED meets red.  photo DSC05815.jpg  photo DSC05837.jpg  photo DSC05798.jpg  photo DSC05795.jpg  photo DSC05823.jpg As the owner of the car also runs his very own bicycle shop/cafe, he brought along a custom made matching two-wheeler which received a RWB-lite treatment shortly after i left.  photo DSC05819.jpg Some light buffing by the master builder.  photo DSC05834.jpg With some last photos taken i said my goodbyes to both Nakai-san and the very friendly owner for sharing and letting us in on the entire build process of his RWB. If you ever see a bright red 911 with "Rauh Welt" emblazoned on the windscreen, be sure to give a friendly wave!


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