Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Singapore's 1st RWB. Build Night 1: It's a Rough World, we shoot rough, we shoot B/W.

 photo DSC05363.jpg "The internets is srs biznass". Jokes aside, the World wide web has really transformed the way everyone around the World interacts with one another, allowing each and everyone of us access to all sorts of data with just a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse. This hyper highway of information has also meant that localized car cultures no longer stay within the confines of communities nor countries, and in the past few years, have allowed sharing of automotive cultural ideas and ideologies across all continents. Non more so than the cult of Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) and the man behind it, Akira Nakai.  photo DSC05358.jpg After years of visiting other countries to catch glimpses of RWBs, the day has finally come for us to welcome Nakai-san to our local shores where a build has been commissioned by one brave individual.  photo DSC05242.jpg  photo DSC05213.jpg  photo DSC05274.jpg Taking an electric powered saw to the fenders of a pristine 964 will probably shatter the hearts and minds of many a purist (especially in Singapore where air-cooleds are quite rare with prices reflecting this fact) but for the converts, it's the process of realizing a dream.  photo DSC05208.jpg  photo DSC05251.jpg I managed to drop by after work on build night 1, to take a peek at RWB's cult artisan at work and to document what i can of Singapore's very first RWB build. And since it's a Rough World build, let's document it in rough monochrome style.  photo DSC05197.jpg Nakai-san was already deep into his "zone" and fully focused when i arrived.  photo DSC05228.jpg  photo DSC05232.jpg  photo DSC05239.jpg No one disturbs the man when he's working in his element.  photo DSC05279.jpg  photo DSC05247.jpg Tools of the trade.  photo DSC05260.jpg  photo DSC05261.jpg  photo DSC05292.jpg  photo DSC05298.jpg  photo DSC05307.jpg  photo DSC05314.jpg Settling the car down for the night as RWB-SG #01 gets pushed back into the shop and Nakai-san takes a breather, finishing up early for Day 1.  photo DSC05384.jpg  photo DSC05381.jpg Classic.  photo DSC05355.jpg  photo DSC05399.jpg  photo DSC05446.jpg Some time off for the owner and the builder.  photo DSC05441.jpg Working on his stance.  photo DSC05432.jpg  photo DSC05448.jpg A last look before closing shop and heading out for dinner.  photo DSC05423.jpg  photo DSC05365.jpg  photo DSC05388.jpg Build day (and night) 2 beckons.


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