Thursday, December 4, 2014

Singapore's 1st RWB. Build Night 2: Passion for Speed. Passion for Rough.

 photo DSC05644.jpg Passion, focus, dedication and as it turns out, speed. Such is the level of experience the Grand Meister of RWB has, that by the time i arrived straight after a day of work, Nakai-san and the team of people helping out at the shop have already begun packing up for the day and as you can see from the opening shot, Singapore's RWB #01 is almost complete.  photo DSC05480.jpg  photo DSC05508.jpg With the majority of work already accomplished by the end of the first day, subsequent build days allowed Nakai-san the time to fine tune the details of the car.  photo DSC05622.jpg  photo DSC05618.jpg For those who know, the beauty of RWBs lie in the details.  photo DSC05490.jpg  photo DSC05528.jpg The finishing touches to some very wide rubber.  photo DSC05517.jpg  photo DSC05604.jpg With most of the work done for the day, Nakai-san got to chill out.  photo DSC05549.jpg Plenty of pictures were taken...  photo DSC05484.jpg ...And the lucky owner fired up the car for some early seat time. Looks like Christmas has come early for him!  photo DSC05514.jpg Leftovers?  photo DSC05573.jpg  photo DSC05568.jpg  photo DSC05593.jpg  photo DSC05635.jpg As everyone called it a day, it looks like Build Day 3 will be a rather quick one and i'm guessing by the time you're reading this, Singapore's very first RWB will be pretty much done!


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