Sunday, October 12, 2014

Random Shot: A Legendary Spot

Chanced upon another rare piece of Japanese metal while i was returning a car to M-car dealership, Munich Automobiles.  photo Legend_55.jpg For those not in the know, Munich Automobiles sits in the same compound as the local dealerships for Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini and previously, Lotus. So it's actually quite a daily occurrence to see exotics parked all over, if you looked at the wondiwo reflection, there's a Huracan just in front. (+ There's even a Disco Volante in the Alfa showroom). This Honda sitting quietly by itself might not have the same visual pow-wow as the Italians nearby but it is probably one of the rarest cars on our local roads. I've only seen it one other time and that was probably over 10 years ago. Fun fact, Harrison Ford shilled for these in Japan over 20 years ago. Legend.


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