Monday, October 27, 2014

Cookies For Breakfast

 photo DSC04460.jpg We had another casual Saturday morning breakfast meet over the weekend and on that morning, it was ze Germans that dominated the small kopitiam gathering. And by Ze Germans, i mean, Ze Porsches.  photo DSC04567.jpg  photo DSC04568.jpg Though i might have (so so sadly) missed the old school 911 boat a couple of years ago (still kicking myself), not being able to buy one today does not mean my appreciation for these German Fräuleins has abated.  photo DSC04576.jpg  photo DSC04575.jpg Especially not one that wears some funky Cookie cutters! Funny how these now look cool after being ignored for so many years.  photo DSC04447.jpg I know Magnus Walker says the perfect starter 911 is an SC, but i'm pretty sure Magnus hasn't see Singapore's car prices yet.  photo DSC04454.jpg Although you can insert his voice here, "Patina".  photo DSC04506.jpg The early green 911 we previously drooled over at Cars & Kopi a few weeks back.  photo DSC04489.jpg  photo DSC04513.jpg Fo'sure.  photo DSC04537.jpg With a Copen parked up in front, it's amazing how close in external dimensions they are. The Copen's still smaller of course, but only slightly.  photo DSC04563.jpg  photo DSC04564.jpg  photo DSC04463.jpg Beautifully rebuilt 930.  photo DSC04500.jpg  photo DSC04476.jpg The colors of our weekend morning.  photo DSC04480.jpg Generational gap.  photo DSC04543.jpg Badass GT2 dripping with red hot attitude.  photo DSC04551.jpg A well rounded curvaceous rear end. She's all about that bass 'Bout that bass, no treble.  photo DSC04598.jpg  photo DSC04585.jpg JDMs were clearly outnumbered this morning but no fooling around with the President in attendance.  photo DSC04624.jpg Still such a good looker.  photo DSC04604.jpg And finishing off with a borrowed 435i droptop.


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