Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Cars & Kopi - The Autumn Edition

 photo DSC03960.jpg With the last Cars & Kopi meet a couple of months behind us, we thought maybe it was time to have another one. What we didn't think of though, was how great a turnout it was going to be! We had hoped and wished such a turnout would happen one day, but never really expected it to flourish so quickly! Great successs! Big thanks to everyone for taking their time out and swinging by! The variety of cars was lovely!  photo DSC04190.jpg I think the above picture pretty much sums up what it's all about.  photo DSC03985.jpg Really liking the green 911  photo DSC03969.jpg  photo DSC03969_2.jpg Rear deck with gold lettering. Choice!  photo DSC03974.jpg That gearknob!  photo DSC03976.jpg Lovely NA not looking out of place at all.  photo DSC03905.jpg  photo DSC03908.jpg There seemed to be an even match of German and Japanese cars this time. No Italians in attendence this time. Maybe they get cranky on public holiday mornings.  photo DSC03990.jpg  photo DSC03980.jpg Since we're on Audis.  photo DSC03896.jpg The Vorsprung is strong with this one.  photo DSC04052.jpg If P-cars are more your flavor.  photo DSC04027.jpg  photo DSC04046.jpg  photo DSC04150.jpg Looks like this is no ordinary 911.  photo DSC04038.jpg Ruf Ruf!  photo DSC04141.jpg B-road warriors these 2.  photo DSC03893.jpg Hip shot!  photo DSC03862.jpg  photo DSC04161.jpg Maybe something mid engined?  photo DSC04134.jpg  photo DSC04131.jpg Or is this 993RS more your taste?  photo DSC03993.jpg  photo DSC03994.jpg  photo DSC04000.jpg Unmistakable silhouette in the background.  photo DSC04007.jpg  photo DSC04145.jpg  photo DSC04149.jpg  photo DSC03891.jpg  photo DSC03894.jpg  photo DSC04018.jpg This R San-yon wasn't alone.  photo DSC04166.jpg  photo DSC04158.jpg  photo DSC03938.jpg Away at another corner, older sibling San-ni sits with a Sunny.  photo DSC03940.jpg San-ni and Sunny, geddit? :P  photo DSC03928.jpg  photo DSC03934.jpg How do you like your Datsuns?  photo DSC03951.jpg If the Skylines and Sunny wasn't enough, the President dropped by as well.  photo DSC03920.jpg  photo DSC03916.jpg  photo DSC03912.jpg  photo DSC03954.jpg Toyota Crown and Nissan President. Like a gangsta Boss!  photo DSC03887.jpg The police must have caught on that the president was around.  photo DSC04036.jpg Miata's from 2 different generations.  photo DSC04062.jpg  photo DSC04057.jpg Rarely seen sleeper MPS6 sitting quietly.  photo DSC03946.jpg  photo DSC03924.jpg  photo DSC03866.jpg  photo DSC03876.jpg  photo DSC04180.jpg  photo DSC04187.jpg Or do you prefer some high revving VTEC Power?  photo DSC03881.jpg  photo DSC03883.jpg  photo DSC04073.jpg King of lightweights the Lotus Super 7.  photo DSC04081.jpg  photo DSC04089.jpg MG and Jag E-type joining forces and proudly representing the British.  photo DSC04084.jpg  photo DSC04085.jpg A strong contingent of Swedes also landed early. +1 for Gryffindor!  photo DSC04103.jpg  photo DSC04095.jpg  photo DSC04092.jpg Probably the newest car in the carpark, this fresh new M3 punching hard for Germany!  photo DSC04014.jpg  photo DSC04126.jpg  photo DSC04124.jpg Z3 has aged pretty well.  photo DSC04108.jpg Not really part of the group but might as well grab some pics. It's an SLS!  photo DSC04115.jpg  photo DSC04177.jpg What's better than an SLS? How about 2 of them?  photo DSC04054.jpg Don't see as many W201s as we used to. Shame.  photo DSC04182.jpg  photo DSC04183.jpg  photo DSC04185.jpg As the afternoon drew nearer, it was time to start heading home. I think it's going to be difficult to top this morning's turnout.  photo DSC04155.jpg  photo DSC04157.jpg Here's hoping! E36 jalop signing off!


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