Monday, November 18, 2013

Style Society Singapore 2013 - Part II

 photo DSC08929.jpg When it comes to automotive meets, no matter how many you've been to, there will always be some surprises awaiting and just before heading down to the show grounds, i had one of my most pleasant encouters. A pair of Malaysian Munich Legends had just blitzed down the North-South earlier in the morning to join in our tiny convoy. Not only that, these 2 beauties were wearing some of the finest shoes to ever grace the machines from Bavaria, original Alpinas!  photo DSC08923.jpg Our small convoy trekked up to the showgrounds soon after and we arrived just as everything seemed to be setting up.  photo DSC08924.jpg Mr Blitzer's sedan awaiting parking instructions.  photo DSC08927.jpg Estoril Blue M3 Evo made all the right noises.  photo DSC08933.jpg  photo DSC09042.jpg Eventually we were settled into our little nook at the edge of the carpark. Adding some old school Euro Flavor to an otherwise JDM-heavy event.  photo DSC08939.jpg  photo DSC08945.jpg Such a lovely color.  photo DSC09182.jpg  photo DSC08971.jpg The good stuff.  photo DSC08949.jpg The magic of Alpina wheels. All wheels require a key to get to the lug nuts...  photo DSC08944.jpg Even the air valve stem can only be accessed from the inside. Keeps the aesthetics clean.  photo DSC09176.jpg  photo DSC08953.jpg Proper craftmanship right there.  photo DSC09063.jpg  photo DSC09056.jpg  photo DSC08943.jpg With so few left running on our local streets, my car has finally found another coupe to call a cousin.  photo DSC08958.jpg Singapore specials.  photo DSC08968.jpg Mr Blitzer's sedan rolling on phat custom-ordered WORK Meisters!  photo DSC09158.jpg We managed to hijack a couple of lasses who were giving out flyers.  photo DSC09162.jpg  photo DSC09160.jpg Hope they didn't mind. :P  photo DSC09045.jpg Bilsteins FTW!  photo DSC09050.jpg Signing off! We have loved to have stayed longer but with other commitments awaiting, the 4 of us made an early exit and headed off! Let's hope they organize another one next year!


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