Sunday, November 17, 2013

Style Society Singapore 2013 - Part I

 photo DSC09001.jpg Style Society Singapore 2013 was held over the weekend in collaboration with global automotive culture giant Stancenation, the show was awesome.  photo DSC09152.jpg Even with dark clouds looming overhead, the rain refused to fall and everyone's spirits remained high! (Not to mention, dry!)  photo DSC08981.jpg Our local shores might be one of the most modification unfriendly places around but that did not stop hundreds from turning up and just enjoying what we have.  photo DSC09024.jpg  photo DSC09125.jpg A number of cars from neighbouring country Malaysia also joined in the fun and we also had a couple of friends driving down all the way from KL on the day itself. (But more on that in a later posts).  photo DSC08979.jpg There were a lot of cars on the showgrounds but with the limited time we had, here's Part I of our highlights.  photo DSC08998.jpg Toyota trio each sporting a different style.  photo DSC09006.jpg Boso racer?  photo DSC09009.jpg Resto-mod?  photo DSC09005.jpg Or some so-cal flavor?  photo DSC08985.jpg  photo DSC09087.jpg The ghost of WWII planes (and Rusty Slammington) seem to have made their way over to our local shores.  photo DSC09119.jpg  photo DSC09112.jpg  photo DSC09171.jpg Vtec yo!  photo DSC09094.jpg Did anyone mention i have a thing for itashas?  photo DSC09036.jpg Kawaiii~  photo DSC09130.jpg You don't see this everyday, a stanced i45.  photo DSC09090.jpg Something even more uncommon on our local roads, a late 90s Galant. But rarity here not stopping it's owner from having some fun with it! That's the spirit!  photo DSC09020.jpg Takumi was around to provite some loud engine noises earlier in the day.  photo DSC09023.jpg Ryosuke chose to chill out instead.  photo DSC09099.jpg I think this color is called Burple.  photo DSC09102.jpg Looks like Candy.  photo DSC09107.jpg Bb reppin Moondiscs!  photo DSC09015.jpg  photo DSC09026.jpg  photo DSC09014.jpg Speaking of which, there were plenty on interesting shoes around.  photo DSC09029.jpg  photo DSC09121.jpg Vanning culture seems to be doing rather well'  photo DSC09137.jpg  photo DSC09136.jpg  photo DSC09133.jpg While some builds do seem to gravitate towards the lighter side of life...  photo DSC09031.jpg  photo DSC09082.jpg ...Others looked like they came with their eyes on the prize. Putting in plenty of effort to get the "right" look.  photo DSC09021.jpg Do you dish?  photo DSC09069.jpg  photo DSC09074.jpg The slammed Audi duo. One on bags, the other on coilovers. Guess which is which?  photo DSC09116.jpg A more track-oriented stance. Meaty!  photo DSC09147.jpg Interesting black brushed aluminium wrap on an Aventadoor.  photo DSC09149.jpg Don't scratch the car!  photo DSC09142.jpg  photo DSC09145.jpg I guess the cars were not the only eye candy at the show!  photo DSC09164.jpg Gotta get ourselves a Nobori flag next time! And with that, end of Part I, next post we shall show what we brought along.  photo DSC09182.jpg Here's a teaser!

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