Sunday, June 29, 2014

Customized Driving Force GT

 photo DSC01563-1.jpg Recently, i replaced the gear knob in the car because the internal plastic bits were crumbling and breaking off. That meant i had a spare knob with a pretty good exterior to play around with. So i decided to see if i could customize my DFGT's knob to fit.  photo DSC_1838.jpg Took quite a bit more work (& time) and some small fabrication to get it to fit but it's in!  photo DSC_1840.jpg The original knob on the DFGT can be easily removed by flipping the unit upside down and just undoing a nut. But the shaft and knob is actually as one piece of plastic so i had to saw off the original knob.  photo DSC_1844.jpg I fitted my car's gearknob in and it was a good fit, some double sided foam tape and super-glue later, it was in. But needing a longer shaft to fit the BMW's knob meant the bottom of the BMW knob was rubbing the housing, so i had to fabricate a spacer using a plastic bottlecap from a small sample-sized face wash bottle.  photo DSC01568-1.jpg Spacer in place, it went in nicely leaving a gap for the BMW knob to move freely. Of course it still stays as a sequential shifter and the H-shift pattern is just a leftover from the car. Looks pretty nifty i think.


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