Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting up with the friendly "laupokchia" group

Definition of the word "lau pok" according to
Adjective to describe something as crappy or lousy...

i think not... Each and everyone of the cars that dropped by this afternoon for a R&R meet are definitely not crappy or lousy, but i guess it's just fun to call our cars "laupok" since they are from a different generation. A fantastic bunch of people with some really nice cars. Took some snapshops and here they are:
I took the chance to get some closer shots of the Mean Green Celica

Mean Green had friends today

Sweet FC

Even the FC had a friend... the form of this tasty drop-top

A lone NA

Little mini

And the poor Carina that's headed to the scrapyard in a couple of months time, due to our Country's lousy and horribly expensive policy on keeping old cars.

E36 Jalop' reporting for duty


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