Friday, December 27, 2013

Nostalgic Sunnydays

 photo Sunny_500.jpg What makes 3 grown men drag themselves up at 6am on a lovely Sunday? A morning photoshoot with little Miss Sunny i guess...  photo DSC09941_500.jpg Not that Sunny! THIS Sunny!  photo DSC09936_500.jpg With not many vintage JDM rides left running on our local roads, it's always good to document them while we still can.  photo DSC09964_500.jpg  photo DSC09960_500.jpg  photo DSC09925.jpg Shooting Sunny involved quite a lot of shuffling about.  photo DSC09959_500.jpg  photo DSC09962_500.jpg  photo DSC09974_500.jpg  photo S.jpg And some art direction. Just to get the right shot.  photo rolling_01_500.jpg  photo rolling_02_500.jpg At the end of the shoot we finished off with some awesome rolling shots.  photo DSC09947_500.jpg Snuck in a picture of my car's new friend.


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