Monday, March 11, 2013

The Widebody Chronicles: iDING POWER S3

 photo 60e1dc4ce2a.jpg On a warm humid night about a week or two ago, i pondered about how an E36 would look like with some flared overfenders riveted on.  photo sm_img-53618_980x600.jpg Being the curious internet car nerd that i am, i hit the google-webs and started pouring over all the different widebodied E36s out there. These is the result.  photo 123d.jpg  photo 123dw.jpg  photo idins3eurocup.jpg The E36 is a rather interesting design that like it's predesuccesor, the E30, doesn't take very well to many aftermarket bodykits. This meant that many of the widebody conversions out there were just too horrid for the mind to imagine. There are a few tastefully done cars, the ACS CLS cars come to mind, and if you do it well, maybe even the Esquiss kit.  photo sm_img-53606_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53605_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53607_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53608_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53609_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53610_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53613_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53614_980x600.jpg  photo sm_img-53615_980x600.jpg Another car did stand out too though. An E36 i had no prior knowledge of before my web trawl. The iDING POWER S3.  photo p3.jpg  photo sm_img-53619_980x600.jpg  photo p5.jpg  photo sm_img-53621_980x600.jpg I have heard of iDING POWER before, they were even featured in the E36 edition of Hyper REV. But there was no mention of this flared beast in the "mook". Perhaps it was built after the publication went to print, but nonetheless, i think it looks pretty badass.  photo c1166c56db.jpg  photo f444b9e2bd.jpg  photo 03a22bcfe9.jpg  photo 1c9c7b5b5f.jpg  photo cb8db64014.jpg  photo p7.jpg As for the specs, i do not have the exact details as apparently, these are now pretty rare cars because not many were built due to their high costs. Some have also now found homes outside of Japan.  photo 50c4d97754.jpg  photo p4.jpg  photo sm_img-53617_980x600.jpg As with all other Japanese tuners, when they do something, they do it well and do it right, so i don't expect the engine to remain stock standard.  photo sm_img-53620_980x600.jpg The iDING POWER S3, just awesome. There's even a video shot by the iDING POWER people.


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