Thursday, March 21, 2013

Saab 9-3, what dreams may come...

With the sad demise of Saab, fresh images have surfaced of what could have been the car that might have saved the company if only they had just a little bit more time. So being the curious sort and having an affinity for the iconic 900 Coupes, i decided to do a quick photoshop of what could have been a new 9-3 Coupe. So here's the result after a quick 10 minute of photoshopping. I gave the rear fastback a longer more gentle slope, switched to proper Saab Aero wheels, chopped off the rear 2 doors and stretched the front. And finally, gave it a coat of black. I think it would have looked sweet and a nice modern take on the iconic 900. Pity...  photo SAAB.jpg To view the article on WorldCarFans, Click here »


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