Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'36 on H&Rs

It's been about a week since taking out the Billy PSS9s and slotting the 36 back onto stock shocks coupled with H&R sports. The initial impression was the horrible stance the car had when the H&Rs were first fitted. The front of the car had a ride height comparable to a Land Rover Defender! Okay, maybe i am exaggerating, but you kinda get the picture. So instead of collecting the car, it sat for another day at the workshop where they lopped off the dead coil from the springs. The result you see above although not as low as i'd like it to be, is still palatable to my eyes. Another inch or two off the front and that'll be perfecto. Ride wise, coming from a setup running a pretttty stiff setting, the car feels a little wallowy. Not as sharp or "edgy" and weight transitions being a tad more obvious. This sort of made me cringe a little in the beginning, but after a couple of days, i really really like it. Gone is the hard-edged ride and skittish behaviour when going over bumps at speed and although the car rolls into corners more, the softer setup allows all wheels to plant their rubber to the ground in a more confident way. Think of the ride and handling behaviour as being comparable to a modern BMW on a "SPORT" setting with a little bit more softness added. Stiffer then normal, but with more give then sport. It makes for a much better daily driver too.


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