Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toyota Hachiroku: Of tuners and photoshops

With all the excitement surrounding the unveiling of the new Toyobarus, it didn't take too long for the photoshop to start flowing onto the internets. Even without the magic of photoshop, Toyota's TRD has already started to tinker with the Hachi, showing off two Sports Track Competition Package models at the recent 2011 Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival.

Dubbed N0 and N1. No information on what has been changed though but externaly, wheels, wing mirrors, GT-wings, and what might seemingly be a slight drop in ride height. Photographs of the TRD's from Jon Sibal's blog.

With limitless possiblities in photoshop, came an almost limitless amount of photoshop tuned 86's.

Some more extreme then others. Limited by only peoples' imaginations.

I really like this tribute to the Castrol Rally cars.

The stance movement representing. They are well are hella'here to stay.

Idlers Hachi anyone?

Or is TOP SECRET more your thang?
Most people went for photoshopped wheel swaps.

I had a go, slotting in some Super Advans.

Even Subaru's BRZ is getting 'shopped. Photoshopped images were found on the awesome FT86club's forums.


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