Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recent developments: New tyres for the E34

Happy New Year everyone! With the E34(christened the Big Bad Wolf) in the family, these past couple of weeks have been spent sorting some small stuff out. Today, a brand new set of tyres from Hankook. If you are looking for new tyres, they are currently having a 30%-off sale which is pretty cool. Initially i was contemplating just changing out the fronts but the costs of the previous Pirelli Pzeros were really steep after checking the condition of the rears(circa yr2004 :P ), i figured it would be more worthwhile to get new rubber all round. Here's a picture of the old Pirellis:

Small hiccup upon mounting the wheels, the rims are facing the wrong direction! So another trip back to the shop to get them rectified. Staff were nice and friendly though.

The Hankook V12s have been pretty good so far, it rained on the way home and the '34 was planted, stable and tracked straight whilst driving through puddles and wet surfaces.


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