Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wheelwhoring: BBS RZ III's

Its been a while since i've fitted these BBS wheels onto the car, but finding information on them anywhere, online AND offline has been really difficult. Apparently, these are BBS Japan's RZ III's(or according to the sellers, BBS RZ 372's). I figured these were from Japan because of the BBS Japan stamps on the insides of the wheels. I bought almost exactly a year ago but they sat in storage for some time before i finally fitted them months ago. BBS Japan seems to have quite a few interesting wheels for the E36's back in the day. Another BBS '36 wheel i rarely see are these BBS DTMs. I think those are JDM BBS's too, looks quite similar to my RZ IIIs except for the center caps.

In other news, my aircon's broken.


Fongster said...

Lai Lah!

Louis Soon said...

i scared of u

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