Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Retrospective: The Mighty 750Li

A personal favorite of mine and ranking right up there on the desirability list. This powerhouse of a limousine punches all the right buttons. 600Nm of Power coupled coupled with loads of handling tech means this car pulls like a train and handles incredibly well for its size whilst the front seats give your bum a massage. The list of gadgets piled into this flagship (This was before the 760Li came out), reads like a science textbook.

It's on a whole new level when put next to the previous generation 7. It can do all the normal cushion-y limousine-y stuff, but more importantly, it's a barrel of laughs when you put your foot down. The best 7 series yet but the price reflects it.
(It's soooo good, i'm letting it have a larger-then-normal picture)

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