Monday, March 24, 2014

Cars & Kopi - March 2014

 photo DSC00895.jpg If you've been keeping track of this blog (or my facebook page), you would have noticed a little meetup in front of our local Killiney Kopitiam that happens once every few months (or not at all for many months). With the last meet having just ended a little over a month ago it was natural to assume that the next one would be a few months away, but you can't keep a group of enthusiasts down for long and happily, we just had another Cars & Kopi session over the weekend! Here are some highlights.

Our perennial favourite Z4M  photo DSC00853.jpg  photo DSC00846.jpg  photo DSC00840.jpg
A newly acquired E36 joining the party. The Garage36 jalopy now has a sibling!  photo DSC00856.jpg  photo DSC00887.jpg  photo DSC00903.jpg
Shown at the beginning of this writeup, a recently restored Porsche 930 looking stunning.  photo DSC00965.jpg The massive stack of restoration receipts were eye-watering to say the least.  photo DSC00905.jpg  photo DSC00909.jpg  photo DSC00910.jpg It's going to be up for sale too!  photo DSC00959.jpg
There is probably no better condition W201 on our local streets.  photo DSC00858.jpg SC400 parked up behind wasn't part of the meet but didn't look out of place.  photo DSC00884.jpg
Miata's the answer for everything!  photo DSC00899.jpg
Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab  photo DSC00879.jpg Cars & Kopi, where Ferraris and Saabs mingle freely.  photo DSC00891.jpg
That shape...  photo DSC00922.jpg No ordinary Fezza...  photo DSC00925.jpg  photo DSC00931.jpg
Early generation Golf Cabriolet and E30 rounded up the red brigade.  photo DSC00957.jpg  photo DSC00940.jpg
Another car we rarely see.  photo DSC00953.jpg These last generation Preludes were already uncommon when new as most boy-racer buyers went for the Integra and the Prelude became more of a gentleman's cruiser.  photo DSC00934.jpg Still a handsome shape though.  photo DSC00946.jpg Finishing off with this. As my E36 was away, i had to drive this M5. Not too bad an alternative i think.  photo DSC00975.jpg How do you like your power?  photo DSC00976.jpg Till the next Cars & Kopi meet... Drive safe~!!!


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