Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cars & Kopi - Spring 2014

 photo DSC00317.jpg A small group of us old and modern classic car enthusiast just had a meet over the weekend and interestingly enough, the turnout was probably the biggest we've ever had! With many cars on our local shores not having the chance to even celebrate their 10th birthday, it's usually a treat when such meets happen. Especially with a nice eclectic mix of cars lined up and good people to swap stories with. Here's some of the cars that showed up.  photo DSC00304.jpg BMW Z4M, an instant classic the moment it was born.  photo DSC00308.jpg  photo DSC00307.jpg You just can't beat a clean MX5.  photo DSC00298.jpg Roadstar's clean rear.  photo DSC00301.jpg  photo DSC00340.jpg Saab 900s are cool. Why? They just are.  photo DSC00337.jpg A more modern day interpretation of the Saab philosophy. Good to hear they are coming back.  photo DSC00379.jpg  photo DSC00369.jpg  photo DSC00393.jpg S204s are quite rare on our local roads but two of these STI specials made it to the breakfast meet.  photo DSC00345.jpg From one boxer to another. The biggest surprise and the highlight of the morning for me was this 914-6.  photo DSC00348.jpg Prior to this sighting i had only seen one other 914 many many years ago.  photo DSC00356.jpg  photo DSC00350.jpg One of the rarest cars on our local roads for sure.  photo DSC00383.jpg Check out the spartan (but very clean) interior.  photo DSC00374.jpg  photo DSC00372.jpg From one old German to another, sitting ahead of the 914 was a Mercedes W123.  photo DSC00360.jpg I remember seeing many of these when i was growing up. Not many left anymore as i hardly see them now.  photo DSC00391.jpg  photo DSC00387.jpg  photo DSC00404.jpg Mercedes' from a slightly younger vintage. A W201 and W126, both clean and unmolested by time.  photo DSC00397.jpg A Porsche 914, Subaru WRX and a Mercedes W126. What did i say about an interesting mix of cars. :)  photo DSC00321.jpg Adding to the variety was the youngest but certainly the most powerful car of the meet, a Fezza 599.  photo DSC00409.jpg Audi RS4 Avant joining the AWD brigade.  photo DSC00416.jpg  photo DSC00408.jpg The 'Bahn-storming wagon  photo DSC00327.jpg  photo DSC00330.jpg As always, i showed up in the Garage36 jalopy! Here's hoping there will be another meet in the near future!  photo DSC00332.jpg Buy my sticker here »


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