Friday, January 10, 2014

Tokyo Auto Salon 2014: Notable notables - Day 01

Well, another has gone by and the Tokyo Auto Salon is back once again! Sadly, (once again), i'm not there to experience it. But with the magic of the internets and with some very fast shutterbugs from Carview! I'm able to at least have a glimpse of some of that action. Amidst the big ¥‎en builds, i found some other cars which i found to be quite interesting! All images belong to Carview! and if you have the time, i strongly recommend you head over to their site and have a look at the show's pictures yourself.

Biggest show stopper for me so far? NEXTFORM's battle-ready 911. This thing just looks sooo tough and it's just dripping with character.  photo NEXTFORM_01_w640.jpg  photo NEXTFORM_02_w640.jpg  photo NEXTFORM_03_w640.jpg  photo NEXTFORM_04_w640.jpg Just look at that air intake, you KNOW it means business.  photo NEXTFORM_05_w640.jpg  photo NEXTFORM_07_w640.jpg  photo NEXTFORM_06_w640.jpg I wonder if it's a full carbon shell.  photo g-tech_01_w640.jpg Interesting looking Abarth 500, but somethings not quite right with that roofline...  photo g-tech_02_w640.jpg  photo g-tech_04_w640.jpg It's been CHOPPED! You can't say they aren't trying.  photo Laguna-niguel_01_w640.jpg 500s seem to be popular choice amongst tuners in Japan.  photo Laguna-niguel_02_w640.jpg Laguna Niguel's sitting wild and fat on some appropriately sized wheels.  photo Laguna-niguel_04_w640.jpg I like how that rear wing pays homage to the open engine covers of the vintage Abarths.  photo NS-Stage_09_w640.jpg What'd i say about 500s?  photo NS-Stage_20_w640.jpg  photo NS-Stage_21_w640.jpg  photo NS-Stage_22_w640.jpg NS-Stage had a few 500s on their stand.  photo NS-Stage_25_w640.jpg This one running the big overfenders that's all the rage now thanks to a certain Mr Rocket Bunny.  photo RB_1535410_658277154224563_313692041_n.jpg  photo RB_1469742_658315384220740_981035900_n.jpg Speaking of Rocket Bunny, Kei Miura-san must be a very very busy man with so many cars on the showfloor running his kits. Including Saruto Racing's Benzo, their latest build with the man from Tra-Kyoto.  photo R360_01_w640.jpg  photo R360_03_w640.jpg It might look a little Euro, but this is actually a Subaru 360 built by one of the technical schools from Japan.  photo Spiegel_06_w640.jpg Biggest wheels ever fitted to a Honda Beat? Possibly.  photo AutoGarageRedK_02_w640.jpg  photo AutoGarageRedK_04_w640.jpg Yes, that is a LADA. From Auto Garage Red K.  photo Runzip_01_w640.jpg Always good to see a modern classic BMW. Nothing extraordinary, but still nice.  photo TopFuel_24_w640.jpg The Euro influence on Japan's car scene seems to be growing with each passing day. Even TOPFUEL is getting in on the action with a BMW MINI.  photo 3DDesign_08_w640.jpg  photo 3DDesign_09_w640.jpg And 3D Design brought along this Black Special M6 Gran Coupe. Menacing.  photo ERST_06_w640.jpg  photo ERST_10_w640.jpg ERST again showing why they are the masters at styling Volvos.  photo ROBERUTA_11_w640.jpg  photo ROBERUTA_18_w640.jpg  photo ROBERUTA_17_w640.jpg Speaking of Euro cars, here's an F40. I'd do anything just to slot in pictures of my unicorn.  photo Garage-GFORCE_01_w640.jpg Garage G-Force showcased a retro-grade Lancer 1800 EX Turbo next to their EVO X.  photo Garage-GFORCE_22_w640.jpg  photo Garage-GFORCE_26_w640.jpg  photo Garage-GFORCE_04_w640.jpg  photo Garage-GFORCE_03_w640.jpg  photo Garage-GFORCE_28_w640.jpg  photo Garage-GFORCE_27_w640.jpg  photo Garage-GFORCE_30_w640.jpg That EVO might be cool, but this Lancer Turbo is where it's at baby.  photo LB_38_w640.jpg  photo LB_39_w640.jpg  photo LB_40_w640.jpg Not one to shy away from doing something "out of the blue", Libery Walk's Kato-san showed off his BOSO Kenmeri. Purist look away!  photo GSports_14_w640.jpg Loving the throwback livery on another Rocket Bunny equipped machine.  photo LOVELARK_01_w640.jpg From liveries to paintwork, the detailing on this 86 from Lovelark is just astounding.  photo LOVELARK_02_w640.jpg  photo LOVELARK_04_w640.jpg That's paint, not some wrap. Real hardcore custom.  photo BLitz_12_w640.jpg The Blitz D1 machine. All decked out in Rocket Bunny chrome goodness.  photo BLitz_11_w640.jpg  photo BLitz_13_w640.jpg  photo BLitz_14_w640.jpg I wonder if this is Nomuken's new ride.  photo Aimgain_01_w640.jpg  photo Aimgain_02_w640.jpg Another 86, this time from Aimgain. Running a Lexus front but with a Scion badge. Confused yet?  photo T-Style_04_w640.jpg This van had a very interesting canvas wraparound rear treatment.  photo T-Style_05_w640.jpg  photo T-Style_09_w640.jpg Vanning's not really my thing but i really like the thought process and work that goes behind such builds.  photo Wiz_02_w640.jpg And just when you think you've seen em all!  photo Wiz_05_w640.jpg Is that what i think it is?  photo Wiz_07_w640.jpg  photo Wiz_06_w640.jpg MX-5 hotrod? Madness!!!


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